Sponsors – Adamesh

Adamesh is a leading independent UK specialist supplier of stylish accessories and finishes for Jaguar cars.

All of our products are strikingly designed specifically to complement Jaguar elegance. Many items are in stock ready for immediate delivery.

We supply to public and trade, including several independent Jaguar specialists, throughout the UK and worldwide.

Adamesh was set up in 2004 in response to a growing demand for quality Jaguar accessories.

Mail order service means we can offer high quality accessories at very competitive prices, usually at a fraction of the main dealer prices.

New items are added continually. We will not compromise on quality, and our parts are sourced from carefully selected suppliers in the UK, the USA and Europe. We also manufacture some parts in-house to achieve that unique look for your Jaguar.

We are also distributors for Arden GmbH and can supply any item from their extensive range of products, as well as EBC brakes, QuickSilver Performance Exhausts and Velocity Performance Exhausts.

We advertise in the Jaguar Enthusiast and Jaguar World Monthly, as well as specialist Jaguar car club magazines. We attend Jaguar car club shows throughout the year, so we can keep in touch with existing customers and prospective customers can view Adamesh products before purchasing.

Items can be purchased via our online shop (www.adamesh.co.uk), telephone (+44 (0)1525 852 419) or direct from our warehouse in Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire (see our website for details).


> Adamesh recently featured in the November 2013 issue of Jaguar World Monthly



Adamesh – Styling and Performance Specialists for Jaguar Cars

  • established in 2001 to allow personalisation of Jaguars to a level hitherto unknown
  • now a leading supplier of Jaguar aftermarket accessories
  • necessity is the mother of invention and Adamesh was established as result of Geoff Adams attempts to personalise his own X-type
  • Back in 2001, nothing was easily available and he soon found a market for his stylish accessories – selling them part-time on ebay from his garden shed!
  • Three years later the business was going well enough for him to confidently give up his former employment as a Credit Manager and Adamesh became a full-time commitment.
  • Adamesh is the  only company that specializes solely in the supply of Jaguar accessories on a large scale
  • Adamesh has grown with the internet and the changing image of Jaguars, which are now perceived as more modern and upbeat
  • Adamesh fills the void left by Jaguar for owners who desire personalization of their cars with good quality, stylish accessories
  • Many customers choose to embellish brand new Jaguars, direct from the showroom, with accessories available from Adamesh.
  • With this in mind, quality is of paramount importance and Adamesh insist that their accessories must have a factory-like finish so as not to compromise the looks of the car.
  • Adamesh aim to keep everything listed in their 140 page catalogue in stock, to allow for immediate delivery
  • Recently introduced products include performance tuning parts, such as, uprated exhausts, springs and brakes, in response to customer requests
  • The extensive range of products marketed by Adamesh include other manufacturers goods as well as items which are designed and produced specifically for Adamesh and unavailable elsewhere.
  • One such manufacturer for whom Adamesh are agents, is Arden, a long established and well respected German producer of performance parts.
  • Having initially established the company on ebay, the natural path was to remain as a mail order only company, which has the advantage of keeping costs to a minimum.
  • Already well-known in the USA, Australia and Europe, 40% of sales go abroad.
  • As Jaguar Cars and the internet reach into new and expanding markets across the globe, they take Adamesh in their wake ……..the future is rosy – the possibilities endless !!


Visit the Adamesh website for full details of all available products