Goodwood Revival 2019 Report


This was the first time that we (Rob Jenner and Letitia Mace) had been to Goodwood Revival. An expensive event for us, because first of all we have to get there and home again, which means 2 extra days in hotels and an 850 mile round trip from Edinburgh, almost to the other end of the country! It was also the first time that the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club had taken a stand at this event, hence our attendance as Rob was a Director of the club.

We were blessed with fine weather throughout the event and many of our motoring friends came over to see us in the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club tent. Lots has already been written about Goodwood Revival 2019, so here I only highlight the event from our own perspective, through the series of pictures that follow.

2019 was an extremely busy year for us and although we had plenty of notice, with one event running into the next there just wasn’t time to think about buying any retro costumes so when Rob suggested white overalls and flat caps I sighed with relief. Added to this was the fact that we were staying in a hotel that was an hour from Goodwood (in light traffic!) and we were expected to be on-site from 7am until 11pm from Friday to Sunday. That would mean very little sleep and the last thing I needed to do was plan a daily outfit!



As a nod to one of our favourite racing drivers we wore our ‘Jim Clark Tartan’ flat caps!
(available from The Jim Clark Trust)
Guy Loveridge, acting Police Officer of the day, is seen here upholding the law at Goodwood Revival. I’m not sure what the crime was … perhaps Rob is being arrested for allowing the JEC to bring a 2014 F-type to a “Vintage” car show?



Pictures courtesy of Ian Newman



We (Rob Jenner and Letitia Mace) were rather proud to be invited along to toast the late Norman Dewis in front of the Mike Hawthorn & Lofty England statue. We considered this to be a great honour as we stood alongside some very important people from the motoring world.
Left to right: Dee Headon and Trevor Groom stand behind Rob Jenner and Letitia Mace, Dan Salter, The Duke of Richmond, David Barzilay, Guy Loveridge, Judy Barzilay, unknown.





Jaguars on the track at Goodwood Revival 2019

We were privileged to be invited by Nigel Webb to join him in the grandstand to see his 1952 C-type (MDU 214) compete in the Freddie March Memorial Trophy at 6pm on Sunday 15th September. Nigel planned to drive the car himself until an injury dis-allowed him from doing so, at which point he handed over to John Young. Sadly, due to a misfire, the C-type finished midfield. It was quite an experience to be sitting with the owner of a very rare, exotic and valuable historic racing car while it is being driven in anger around a track by a third party!


As you would expect, it was the D-types that dominated this race and coming in second was TKF 9 the ex-Jim Clark Border Reivers car……. Which we had seen the weekend before at Bo’ness Revival and prior to that, the opening of the new Jim Clark Museum in the Scottish Borders!
MDU214 pictured in the Mike Hawthorn Museum TKF 9 pictured at Bo’ness with Doug Niven


Bonhams Auctions were offering some interesting lots in their Goodwood Revival on-site sale, one of which was Nigel Webb’s Dennis Fire Tender. An interesting vehicle, the history of which is detailed on a large brass plaque attached to the side of this well preserved fire tender.

The plaque reads as follows (word for word) and Nigel Webb was the owner at the time of the sale in September 2019.


The Power of Preservation

Dennis (“D” Type) Fire Engine

Chassis Number 1.1204/231

Now Registered XKK 54

From Dennis Society records that it dated from around, with the help of Barry Green who looks after the list, he identified it as chassis no. 1.1204/231 Reg. No FBY-446 having been supplied to Australia, (New South Wales Brigade), with a factory delivery date of April 1965.

Via facebook, in steps, Brian Blunt from the Museum of Fire, Sydney, Australia, was able to complete the history, confirming it was one of 75 Dennis “D” Water Tenders supplied to NSW Fire Brigades based in Sydney in the 1960’s serving the Sydney suburb of Busby from November 1971, later serving as a district spare in the rural township of Warialda and Inverell, finally decommissioned and sold off in 1999.

It was later purchased by Classic Car buff Norm Bolito, who had “Dennis the Menace” converted into his team’s new race car transporter to take the team’s classic and vintage Chrysler competition vehicles to motorsport events across Australia. It has Bostrom air ride seats, fold out stainless steel workbench, gas barbeque, 12 volt fridge freezer and a pto driven compressor.

If this transformation for the Old Girl was not enough she was returned to the UK in 2003 by its current owner and British Classic Race Car owner Nigel Webb to transport his “Mike Hawthorn” 1955 Jaguar “D” type (ex works car). This was quite fitting as the Dennis “D” is fitted with a 1964 4.2 Jaguar engine – also racing legend Mike Hawthorn worked at Dennis Bros for a while.

It is interesting to note that most Dennis “D” series supplied in the UK were of the modern three roller shutter locker layout and not the traditional round body hinged locker layout as supplied to NSW, although a number of “F” series did carry that style in the UK. Those “D” series that were of the hinged lockers retained the square bodyline such as the 3 supplied to the LFB in the 1960’s as a trial.

Present owner Nigel Webb


Picture taken at The Mike Hawthorn Museum and supplied courtesy of Jeff Bloxham


One of the other lots was an old friend, the ex-Sturgess of Leicester JRG Project 7 which was driven by Rob Jenner to the London Classic Car Show in 2018 and Blenheim Jaguar Festival in 2019. Sadly, it was out of our price range! (This Project 7 appeared in Jaguar Magazine Edition 198)


Picture courtesy of Bruce Foster Photography

While on the subject of Sturgess of Leicester, Rob (left hand corner) was determined to get a picture of 2 BBC in the pits – it was owned by the late Robin Sturgess whose son is a great friend of ours.


Jaguar E-type – Registration No. 2 BBC

Driven by the late Robin Sturgess, former owner of Sturgess of Leicester, Jaguar Land Rover Main Dealer. This car was one of the early Fixed Head Coupes produced in December 1961 and replaced the roadster campaigned by Robin in 1961 with the same registration number. It was one of the Lofty England dealer demonstrator cars which were raced at weekends and used as demonstrators during the week – no wonder potential customers were in awe of its performance.

Delivered with high compression engines with large valves and gas flowed heads, close ratio gearboxes and larger brakes (Mk IX Jaguar), it had a very successful track history during 1962 where it frequently raced against CUT 7 driven by Dick Protheroe and RL26 driven by Jack Lambert amongst others. It scored numerous wins and many podium finishes in the hands of Robin Sturgess as can be seen from his hand scribed racing register below, making it one of the most famous cars of 1962 on the circuit scene.

The car was found last year in America and returned to the UK and will be undertaking its maiden outing at the Goodwood Revival after a nine month bare shell restoration to its original iconic form as it raced in the 3 Hour Martini Trophy in 1962 at Snetterton.


Race Record for 2 BBC  Rival racer, CUT 7 next door to 2 BBC in the Goodwood pits


RSF 303 – another favourite of ours, seen here (to the left) in the pits at Goodwood Revival 2019.

Rob Jenner and Letitia Mace are lucky enough to say that we were invited to sit behind the wheel of this car when it came to Edinburgh Jaguar Concours at Holyrood House in 2015 – a great honour!

Jaguar D-type long nose XKD603 Jaguar D-type long nose XKD603


Sturgess of Leicester