London Classic Car Show 2018

Oh Wow, what a weekend Rob Jenner and Letitia Mace had at the London Classic Car Show!


 Chris Sturgess hands over the 2018 JEC raffle car to Rob Jenner Our ‘weekend’ began on Wednesday at Sturgess of Leicester, where Chris Sturgess handed over the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club raffle car for 2018 to Director, Rob Jenner
 Jaguar Enthusiasts Club F-type raffle car 2018 For 2018, the raffle car is a stunning Salsa Red F-type convertible, which would be driven from Sturgess of Leicester to London Excel by Letitia Mace
 Sturgess of Leicester Jaguar Project 7 We’ve seen Chris Sturgess’s Project 7 many times before, but this time Rob Jenner would be driving it from Sturgess of Leicester to London Excel

Project 7 Specification

 Sturgess of Leicester Jaguar Project 7 Sturgess of Leicester also have this Project 7 for sale, in ‘Ultra Blue’, at £174,895

If you are interested, please contact Sturgess of Leicester ….. quickly!

 Melvyn Rutter Morgan Dealership - The Pitstop B&B We stopped overnight at ‘The Pitstop’ B&B

Marketed as “Superior period accommodation for ladies and gentlemen, with a motoring flavour” the bonus was that it offered secure parking for the F-type and Project 7 *

 Melvyn Rutter Morgan Dealership - The Pitstop B&B This is ‘the diner’ – the windows were rescued from the original Morgan factory before it was demolished. The bedrooms were equally as lavish and all form part of Melvyn Rutter’s Morgan Dealership in Bishop’s Stortford *
Sturgess of Leicester Jaguar Project 7 at London Excel 2018 Thursday morning, we set off for the final part of our journey, arriving at London Excel in time to prepare the Project 7 and F-type and place them on the stand ready for the opening of the show at 4pm
 Jaguar Enthusiasts Club F-type raffle car 2018 London Excel marked the official launch and debut of the JEC Raffle car for 2018.

By the end of the show, raffle ticket sales totalled £5119 – a record for a ‘three-day’ show, which bodes well for the future!

* Picture courtesy of Paul Keating


For 2018 the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club decided to have a stand at The London Classic Car Show for the first time.

Normally, the club would have a small stand at Race Retro, to promote Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club Racing, however, it was decided that the London Classic Car Show would be a better platform from which to promote the club as whole.

Rob Jenner and Letitia Mace were asked to take charge of the stand, where the club would be launching their prize draw car for 2018.

The charity to benefit from the raffle funds is always chosen by the club chairman of the day, so this year Mike Horlor chose The Macular Society – a very worthy beneficiary.

The club stand allowed space for 4 cars; Nigel Webb’s racing XK120 and Richard Butterfield’s racing Mark 2 sat alongside a Project 7, owned by Sturgess of Leicester, and next to this was the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club prize draw car for 2018 – a stunning F-type convertible in Salsa Red, all of which complemented each other, the raffle car having been sourced, prepared and supplied by Sturgess of Leicester


Nigel Webb's racing Jaguar XK120 at London Classic Car Show 2018  Nigel Webb's racing Jaguar XK120 at London Classic Car Show 2018

762 UXU

1950 Jaguar XK120 Lightweight Alloy Roadster – Chassis Number 670150

Owned and raced by Nigel Webb

762 UXU was originally converted from an XK120 chassis, to a racer with an alloy body, by a gentleman called Jim Tester in the 1970’s/80’s.

Unfortunately, he has passed away, hence the exact date cannot be determined, however, the current owner understands that he had a great reputation and skill in rebuilding, as well as modifying, all the 1950’s Jaguar XK sportscars.

The current owner, Nigel Webb,  purchased 762 UXU in 2002 and entered the JEC XK Championship, racing the car under the registration number WEB 8.

Having had reasonable success in his first season, he improved year on year, finally winning outright in 2006.

Since then, Nigel Webb has raced other cars in his collection, but still enjoys 762 UXU as a super race and road car. It is still very quick and can be a handful!

762 UXU was originally raced with Webber Carburettors, as a 3.8, but was later down-rated to triple HD8 SU carburettors and more recently fitted with an ex-Mark 2 3.8 racing engine with a ‘B’ type head and twin HD8 SU’s, and is still very quick, according to Nigel Webb!

762 UXU lives with Nigel Webb’s interesting Jaguar Collection at The Mike Hawthorn Museum


Richard and Tom Butterfield's racing Mark 2 Jaguar at London Classic Car Show 2018  Richard and Tom Butterfield's racing Mark 2 Jaguar at London Classic Car Show 2018


1961 Jaguar 3.8 Mark 2 Racing Car

Owned and raced by Richard and Thomas Butterfield

2 UPA started life in 1961 as the company demonstrator for the famous Mike Hawthorn’s Tourist Trophy Garage in Farnham, Surrey.

Whilst Mike, as Britain’s first Formula One World Champion was no longer at the helm of the TT Garage, having sadly been killed on the Guildford bypass in his Jaguar Mark 1 demonstrator in the same year as he won the World Championship, the garage remained an independent Jaguar dealership.

2 UPA is mentioned in the book ‘Golden Boy’ chronicling Mike’s life, whereby the TT Garage Sales Manager spun the car in the wet whilst out on a demonstration drive with a potential customer, highlighting the performance standards of the 3.8 litre Jaguar in its day!

2 UPA was restored in 2017 by West Riding Independent Jaguar Specialists, from a rusty wreck, through to today’s beautifully presented and FIA compliant classic race car, whilst still retaining all of its original road car features and full registration for road use so it can be driven to and from race meetings!


We are live from The London Classic Car Show, talking you through what we have on display!

Geplaatst door Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club op vrijdag 16 februari 2018


Initially, it was agreed that Rob Jenner, Letitia Mace and Edinburgh JEC member, Paul Keating would travel down to London on Thursday, to assist Patch Jobson with building the stand and putting the cars in place, but in the end, things developed way beyond that!

Originally, Sturgess of Leicester had offered their Project 7 for the stand, which would provide a point of interest and provide a link between members who owned road cars and those who like racing. It was at the time assumed that Sturgess Jaguar would bring the Project 7 to the show themselves.

JEC Director, Rob Jenner then suggested purchasing an F-type for the raffle this year, as it is still a current model and he felt that it would encourage ticket sales for the charity. The suggestion was put forward to various Jaguar dealerships and it was Sturgess of Leicester who sourced a nice example for the club.

The 2018 raffle car was due to be launched at the London Classic Car Show, and the Project 7 parked alongside it, was a perfect complement!

Chris Sturgess then suggested that Rob might like to drive the Project 7 to London Excel, but as Rob was originally going to drive the F-type raffle car to Excel, that could only mean one thing …. Letitia Mace was now going to be the first person to drive the F-type raffle car for the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club. Fortunately she had driven an F-type before, and that too had been a brand new car with only 8 miles on the clock, following its PDI the day before!

For both Rob and Letitia, it was an immense privilege, huge responsibility and wonderful treat, all at the same time!

Many thanks to Edinburgh JEC member, Paul Keating, who followed us down to London in our Jaguar X358 Diesel ‘luggage car’ and provided back-up for the whole of the journey and the weekend!

Sturgess of Leicester