Dutch Jaguar Badge Collection

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Dutch Jaguar Badge Collection

Marc Veenhuis from The Netherlands recently contacted Xclusively Jaguar and sent the above picture of part of extensive car emblem and badge collection.

The collection is probably not worth a great deal in monetary value, being made up of badges which have been discarded by car owners, workshops and scrapyards, but Marc has an unusual reason for collecting them, which goes far beyond collecting for its own sake!

Marc has, to date, suffered 7 strokes (cerebral infarctions), the first one 15 years ago and the last one in 2007. He has lost the use of his left leg, arm, hand and fingers and is now confined to a wheelchair for most of the time. His memory, he explains, is completely messed up, not to mention many other medical problems. Between medical treatment he still tries to collect car emblems. This is not only a hobby but now a kind of therapy too because it keeps his memory a bit active as he tries to remember car names and the cars which each badge or emblem belongs to.

Marc’s particular request of us, as Jaguar, Daimler and SS owners, is to ask us if we have any spare or damaged badges or emblems which would otherwise be consigned to the scrap heap!

Marc is willing to return the cost of postage, and was at pains to emphasize that any badges sent to him would be received with immense gratitude.

Please contact Xclusively Jaguar for Marc’s postal address, if you wish to contact him and send him any badges.

Text and pictures supplied by Marc Veenhuis, Netherlands, March 2011