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Annie Rose Mace at Weston Park with John Butterworth's XJ220 June 2012


Number 48 – (Volume IV – Issue XII)

July 2012

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Car Sales – Concour’s winning XJS

The Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club – “Raffles” and Troop Aid

The Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club – Forthcoming Regional Events

The Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club – International Weekend

SNG Barratt – Open Day Report

Grange Jaguar – Brucie’s Diary

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Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club Racing

Jaguar Heritage News

Swallow to Jaguar Anniversary Tour

Jaguar Automobilia Collector – 2012 Auction

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Number 48 – (Volume IV – Issue XII)

July 2012

Welcome to the July 2012 issue of Xclusively Jaguar News.

This month is an abbreviated version of Xclusively Jaguar News, for 2 reasons. Firstly, I was heavily involved with International Jaguar Weekend at Weston Park, and therefore needed to spend time in preparing for this. Secondly, we are currently working on a new and improved format for Xclusively Jaguar News, which should go on-line for the August issue.


Weston Park

I have included a few pictures in this issue, however, a full report will appear in the August issue of Xclusively Jaguar News. The event was a resounding success, and thoroughly enjoyable !!


Swallow to Jaguar Tour

Win Percy (celebrated racing driver) and Brian Martin (former Jaguar Competition Department engineer who worked on the XJ13) are just two of the interesting participants who will be on the tour !! View full details HERE


Stolen E-types!

Jaguar author, Peter Crespin, has had 2 E-types stolen. Email Stolen E-types if you think you can help!


Jaguar XK140

Wanted: XK140 dhc lhd. Please email Jean-Bernard Olive


MHC Bulletin Dates for your Diary – July 2012

July 7th – Hale Carnival – 2pm to 10pm

July 21st – Bourne Show – 2pm to 5pm – Email Bourne Show Car Rally


Jaguar E-type Catalytic Converter? by Tony Brown, France

Jaguar E-type - Tony Brown


Car Sales

July 2012

Bob Gelfand’s 1995 XJS 4.0 Coupe (Multiple Concours winner, currently in USA)

Bob Gelfand's multi concours winning Jaguar XJS Coupe

For Sale: 1995 Jaguar XJS 4 litre Coupe, lhd automatic. 21,300 genuine miles. In 8 JCNA sanctioned Concours this car has obtained six 100.00 point scores. Now very regrettably for sale due to owners ill health. Detailed pictures and full provenance by request.  Please email Xclusively Jaguar

Bob Gelfand contacted me upon the advice of Godfrey Miller, who knows that I am in touch with many collectors of fine Jaguars across the globe, and that I would therefore be able to find a suitable new home for Bob’s 1995 Concours winning  4 litre XJS Coupe. I know Godfrey as the owner of an XJ220, but he is more commonly recognised as an XK120 guru – a JCNA Concours judge who wrote up the original rules on judging concours for this model!

Bob Gelfand, who has owned a series of Concours winning Jaguars, presumably first met Godfrey on the US Concours circuit in this role, when he was successfully showing his XK140, full details of which will be in the next issue of Xclusively Jaguar News.</p>

Bob’s previous 1955 XK140 OTS and 1967 Series I E-type 4.2 Coupe were also pristine concours winning cars. His XJS is probably the nicest car in its class in the United States and his XK140 sold in two weeks for $140,000 sight unseen. Bob is looking for circa $30,000 for his XJS.

Bob Gelfand's multi concours winning Jaguar XJS Coupe Bob Gelfand's multi concours winning Jaguar XJS Coupe


HISTORY As related by owner, Bob Gelfand

A friend of mine in New York had a 1994 XJS Coupe. I liked it and decided to buy one for myself – but only for showing. I heard of a 1995 4.0 Coupe available in Los Angeles. I like west coast cars – they are generally free of rust. The car was owned by the original owner, an elderly movie producer who had purchased the car new from Charles Hornburg in Los Angeles. He had decided it was time to stop driving. The year was 2004 and the mileage at the time was 19,900.

The car needed to have certain parts replaced to put into show condition. All the front and rear bumper chrome, rear wrap-around lights and grille were replaced with original equipment. The headliner was replaced. There was some wear on the outer bolster of the driver’s seatback. The entire seatback including all new electrics in the seatback was replaced. The clear-coating was refinished on the entire dash and centre console. The wood was perfect. The wheels which were an option on this model were five spoke diamond turned alloys which were completely refinished including the spare. New Pirelli 4000s were mounted.

The car was shown three times in 2007 and 2008 and twice in 2010. In eight JCNA sanctioned Concours the car obtained six 100.00 point scores. I did not show in 2009 because of health problems and only showed twice in 2010 because the enclosed trailer I was using broke down. I have decided not to show any longer due to personal problems with my health. On the other hand, I would not think of driving the car – it is too perfect.  So the car with 21,300 miles now just sits in air conditioned storage! I have put 1,400 miles on the car in eight years. Most of the mileage has come from driving to the dealership for service!


The World’s Largest Jaguar Club

Supporting Troop Aid

Page contents deleted



The World’s Largest Jaguar Club

Supporting Troop Aid and Ride 4 the Wounded

Troop Aid

Founders of Troop Aid, Pam and Al Sutton, pictured with “Raffles”, the  Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club raffle car, and Troop Aid’s “Brave the Bear”, at The Rotary Club of Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.


Troop Aid

“Very Brave the Bear” will be supporting “Ride 4 the Wounded”  on his Triumph Motorcycle! Follow Brave’s route or buy your very own “Brave the Bear”


Registered Charity Number 1123888

Troop Aid 


The World’s Largest Jaguar Club

Forthcoming Regional Events

Isle of Wight JEC Show 2012

Event: Isle of Wight JEC Regional Day

Date: Sunday 29th July 2012

Description: Jaguar – An iconic brand! Visit the Isle of Wight Steam Railway on July 29th and see a fabulous collection of Jaguars new and old. Nearly 200 cars fitted into our show ground last year and what an impressive sight they made. Once again there will be entertainment and live music to keep the crowd entertained throughout the day as well as the steam trains adding a perfect backdrop. For a great family day out put this event in your diary!

Venue: Isle of Wight Steam Railway, Havenstreet

Time: 10.00 to 16.00

Contact: mailto: keith@jeciow.co.uk Keith Parish (01983 862519) or mailto: steve@drivex.co.uk Steve Cocks (01983 810012)


For a taste of what the event is like, view our event report from last year http://www.xclusively-jaguar.co.uk/xj_newsletter_11-10-01.html#11 HERE (to follow)


The World’s Largest Jaguar Club

International Weekend 2012


Jaguar XJ220 20th Anniversary Celebration

Anyone who was at Weston Park for International Jaguar Weekend will have their own personal memories of the event, and probably lots of pictures of their own personal view of the show. My younger daughter, Annie-Rose, accompanied me to the event and on the Sunday, assisted me with the XJ220 20th anniversary celebrations, while elder daughter, Esta-jane, took photos of the event in general. Alongside the numerous pictures which members have sent to me, and placed on Facebook and other media, Nigel Thorley and Roger Gage were busy making their own official record of the event, so although Annie and I were mainly focused on the XJ220’s, we have shared everyone else’s view of the event!

Next month I hope to publish a full report, along with some of the many pictures. For now I would just like to thank everyone who supported the XJ220 20th anniversary celebrations – both ex-Project XJ220 personnel, XJ220 owners, and JEC members.


Particular thanks must go to:

Jim Randle and Keith Helfet for an excellent presentation on the development of the Jaguar XJ220.

Norman Dewis and Win Percy for entertainment!

John Muirhead, Graham Cooling, Mike Moreton and The Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club for making it all possible!

http://www.zytekautomotive.co.uk/ ZYTEK (original suppliers of the Jaguar XJ220 engine management system) for sponsoring this event.

http://www.alltransportsltd.com/ ALLTRANSPORTS Ltd who were originally commissioned by JaguarSport to deliver the XJ220’s and were once more called into action to deliver some of the same cars to Weston Park for the event!

http://www.jaguarheritage.org/startpage.aspx JAGUAR HERITAGE for the loan of the original XJ220 concept car and the production show car.


Don Law Racing for the loan of:

The Martini Racing XJ220 which has not been seen for 10 years, as it was in a private collection. It was previously successfully campaigned by Win Percy at Brands Hatch and Croft, and has now been purchased by Don Law Racing. It won the Historic Class at Cholmondeley, driven by Justin Law, on 16th June 2012, just one week before appearing at Weston Park!

‘The Ice Cream Van’ which recently featured on BBC Top Gear and is an XJ220 chassised Ford Transit, used to secretly test the XJ220 engine and running gear during development, and now belongs to Don Law Racing.

Jaguar XJ220 reunion June 2012 Weston Park

Gathered around the XJ220 concept (left) and XJ220  show car (right) are: far left (with hand raised) Project Manager Mike Moreton, with all his supporting staff to the right of him. In the front row, left to right, are:  XJ220 owner John Butterworth; Norman Dewis; XJ220 stylist, Keith Helfet, is hiding behind Norman; XJ220 racing driver Win Percy; XJ220 owners, Nigel Webb, Dee Gardner, Tom Naylor and Colin Manconi.


Jim Randle (originator of the XJ220 concept) and Letitia Mace at the XJ220 Reunion Weston Park June 2012

Many thanks to Nigel Thorley who recorded this iconic gathering of development and production personnel alongside the owners of the cars, and Jim Randle, the originator of the project, with me, Letitia Mace !!


Norman Dewis and Win Percy at Weston Park by Nigel Thorley

Entertainment was provided throughout the day by Xclusively Jaguar Honorary Patrons, Norman Dewis and Win Percy, caught here by Nigel Thorley as they test drove a new mode of transport!


The World’s Leading Independent Supplier of Jaguar Spare Parts

Open Day

Brucie at SNG Barratt Open Day 2012Brucie was among the many Jaguars who attended the SNG Barratt Open Day on Saturday 23rd June


The Open Day at SNG Barratt was extremely well attended, and very worthwhile! The main car-park overflowed with an ever changing  display of interesting Jaguars, with the odd Aston Martin thrown in for novelty! Brucie had been reserved a space in “pole position” as Rob Jenner described it, right next to the main gate, where you couldn’t miss him! The more rare the model, the more chance you had of getting into the main car park, and Colin Manconi stole the show by arriving in his XJ220 – other Jaguars were relegated to another car park across the road, so there were plenty to see !!

Julian Barratt spent the day taking groups of enthusiasts around the workshops and warehouse on guided tours, while plenty of food and drink was provided courtesy of SNG Barratt! The guided tours were extremely helpful in highlighting the diversity of parts available, and also help one to visualize the process of obtaining parts ordered, as we visited the offices where the salesmen/women work from, and the warehouse from where parts are selected. All of which, I will return to in a later issue of Xclusively Jaguar News.

XK150 at SNG Barratt Open Day 2012

A good spread across the Jaguar model range, and an inquisitive crowd confirms that the open day at SNG Barratt  was a great success!

SNG Barratt Open Day 2012

SNG Barratt


by Letitia Mace

July 2012


International Jaguar Weekend – Weston Park

Brucie with Jaguar XJ220 Prototype at Weston Park June 2012Brucie gets as close as he dare to the Prototype XJ220 !!!


The 20th anniversary celebrations for the XJ220 were a huge success and Brucie enjoyed being a part of International Jaguar Weekend, where he met up with all of his Jaguar relations!

It’s strange to think that despite having more than just the name Jaguar in common, Brucie has probably never been face to face with an XJ220 before !!

A full report will follow next month.

Aston Martin One-77 Prototype

Aston Martin One-77


We had a very good turnout of former Project XJ220 personnel, all of whom have gone on to fulfil challenging roles within the automotive and motorsport industries since Project XJ220, and Joe Healy, who was a technician at the time, is now Production Manager for the Aston Martin One-77 and brought one with him for us to display with the Jaguar XJ220’s !!

More information on the Aston Martin One-77 can be found athttp://www.astonmartin.com/en/news-viewer/2009/03/03/aston-martin-reveals-spectacular-one-77-technical-showcase


Report by Roger Gage

Pictures by Nick and Roger Gage


JEC Powered by Jaguar Race – Silverstone 26th May 2012

After a long delay due to an incident in an earlier race the 12 starters formed up on the grid. From pole in qualifying, Paul Allcock had a poor start and came round well down the pack. He clawed his way up to 4th by mid-race and eventually finished 2nd. Rodney Frost took full advantage and led Chris Boon’s saloon. He held on to the lead for a maiden win despite coming under extreme pressure from the fast recovering D Type & the close attention of Mr Boon. Tom Lenthall (MKII) & Chris Palmer (X300) had a very intense battle & finished in that order. A fine drive from Lawrence Bradley (XJ6), in his first race, saw him climb to an excellent 7th and take Drive of the Day. The Mark Aldridge car was the second D Type home. Tom Barclay led home Guy Connew & Chris Pizzala whilst Rick Walker retired the V12 Coupe with low oil pressure. An excellent end to the days’ racing.

Race Result (Overall)

1st:    Rodney Frost (XJS)

2nd:    Paul Allcock (D Type)

3rd:    Chris Boon (X300)

Jaguar D-type

  1. Winner (Class PC) – Paul Allcock
Class PC

1st: Paul Allcock

2nd: Mark Aldridge

Class PD

1st: Tom Barclay

2nd: Chris Pizzala

 Jaguar X300

  1. Chris Palmer’s  “Hot Pursuit Car!”


Class PE

1st: Rodney Frost

2nd: Chris Boon

 Jaguar Mark 2

  1. Third (Class PE) – Tom Lenthall




Report by Terry Dye

Pictures by Chris, Nick and Roger Gage


Jaguar Classic Parts Jaguar Saloon/XJS/XK8 Championship – Silverstone 26th May 2012

A beautiful, sunny day welcomed a large 28-car entry to the National circuit.

Qualifying combined the Saloon/XJS Championship with the Powered by Jaguar grid.

Jaguar RacingRick Walker
Richard Coppock, with new streamlined haircut was forced to cancel, having dislocated his shoulder at work. We welcomed two new drivers, Alasdair McGregor (X300) & Lawrence Bradley (XJ6) to the fold.


Jaguar RacingDean Sewell pursued by Peter Dorlin
Patrick Doyle headed qualifying but withdrew with mechanical problems, promoting David Howard to the front row. In the race he promptly took the lead in the XJ12 & was never challenged whilst behind some serious racing developed. Jaguar RacingTom Barclay
Chris Palmer’s X300 held off Roger Webster’s XJS for a large part of the race before being passed. Rodney Frost fought a tremendous battle to keep Gary Davis at bay before finally succumbing and a big, 3-way battle between Kirkham, Connew (XJ6s) Philip Comer’s XJS was resolved in that order. Jaguar RacingMatt Jeffery
A big spin from the X300 of McGregor kept the spectators entertained at Copse corner where Taylor stopped with a loss of power: possibly fuel vaporization. Jaguar RacingDerek Pearce and Gary Davis

Jeffery had an unlucky race, being penalised for creeping on the line and then spinning on oil at Copse & reversing into the barrier. Nicholls also pulled in with chronic understeer.

Due to an error the start-line marshals denied Simon Lewis his rightful place on the grid & he fought through from the back to finish 12th & take ‘Drive of the Day’

RESULTS First Second Third
Class A Tom Barclay Peter Dorlin Alasdair McGregor
Class B Derek Pearce Kevin Doyle Gail Hill
Class E James Ramm Rodney Frost Roger Webster
Class F Ian Drage Philip Comer Bob Beecham
Class G Gary Davis Paul Merrett Patrick Doyle
Overall David Howard Paul Merrett Gary Davis



A Girl’s Eye View of the above race …..from the track!

by Gail Hill


Gail Hill Racing Jaguar XJ40

Whilst there was only one Championship round at Silverstone Gail was also competing in the CSCC Future Classics race, sharing the 40-minute drive with fellow instructor John Sadler. Getting a decent finish and adding more points to the board were the aims of the day, which would not be easy on the National track where power rules the day. With nine more modified XJ-S’s including five V12’s sharing the grid let alone several more powerful saloons in her class this was always going to be a tall order.

Another big grid of 26 cars created problems early on in qualifying as space was at a premium but as the field began to spread out faster and more consistent lap times were produced. In slightly worse conditions last season Gail managed a 1.12.7 in her XJ40 this year, with a slightly lighter car and using Millers Oils new ‘nanodrive’ technology oil she managed a 1.11.6. Unfortunately this was still only enough for 9th on the grid and 3rd in the saloon field, behind rivals Peace (MkII) and Doyle (XJ coupe) and nearly a second off the pace.

All to do then for the race!

A great start saw Gail gain several places by the time the pack approached Copse mainly due to the quicker V12’s having more power then grip in the early stages. Some side by side tussling with Davis’s V12 kept both drivers busy for the first few laps. Then as the quicker cars began to gain grip as tyre temperatures went up and with her two main rivals, Pearce and Doyle battling just ahead she had some good fortune.

Pearce as he moved up the inside at Clearways gaining the racing line into the left hander and Doyle in a desperate attempt to defend left his braking far too late and locked up all four wheels and in clouds of blue smoke Gail gratefully moved up to 6th overall, though Pearce was already pulling clear around Luffield.

In fact the leading cars were extending their advantage lap after lap and it was quickly apparent to Gail that 2nd saloon was the best she could achieve. So began an epic duel with Doyle who for lap after lap tried his best to find a way past Gail’s heavier and less powerful XJ 40. At one point Doyle did briefly pass under braking at Clearways but he went in too deep allowing Gail to regain the place within yards on the undercut.

‘Defending when necessary and taking the quicker line when opportunity allowed meant that I never really felt too threatened and I always felt that I could hang onto 6th and finish second in the saloon field’ but then with around six laps to go and Doyle making a desperate dive up the inside at Copse the inevitable occurred.

Gail was two car widths off the apex giving just enough room for Doyle to negotiate the fastest bend on the track when he hit the right rear wheel arch punting Gail into a 95 mph spin off the track. By the time she got the stalled car back under way Doyle was off in the distance and Gail was back in 11th. Doyle did later apologise for using Gail’s car as a braking aid!

The recovery went well enough but with a 9th overall and 3rd saloon eventually, after having a two-lap scrap with Palmer’s X300, Gail was not entirely happy with her days work. Damage on the car and more dropped points means that her championship hopes this year are virtually non-existent.

‘I think the rest of this season is going to be one of slow development with a focus on next year. I’ve only scored in two of the five rounds to date and will not be able to get to Anglesey in June so will miss that race too’.

Encouragingly her lap times improved again but she remains around eight-tenths off the pace.

The Future Classics race went without a hitch apart from the driver change, which took an age dropping the due down by a lap before Sadler finally got under way. Both drivers though had entertaining races with a variety of machinery from the eclectic grid.

Gail will be back out in July at Cadwell where in eleven years of racing she has never competed. A bit of testing might well be in order?


Go to JEC RACING for more information, pictures and dates of next races


June 2012

Swallow to Jaguar – 90th Anniversary Tour


The 4th September 1922 is a significant date in Jaguar history for two reasons. Firstly it was the coming of age of a visionary young gentleman called William Lyons. Secondly, it was the date on which he founded the Swallow Sidecar Company together with his partner William Walmsley. Financial backing was provided by their respective families and a £1,000 bank loan. First and second floor premises were found in Bloomfield Road, Blackpool and production commenced, laying the foundations for a business that would evolve into the Jaguar marque that we know and love today.

In the intervening ninety years, a fascinating metamorphosis has taken place. From humble beginnings producing aluminium bodied sidecars for motorcycles, the company has grown to become a manufacturer of class-leading luxury sports and saloon cars that are sold throughout the world. Along the way, the history books contain an astonishing list of iconic products, motorsport successes, design and technical innovations. From SS100 to E-type, Mark V to XJ, Mark ll to XF, Le Mans to Daytona, monocoque to disc brake – the list goes on and on. However, all these achievements have something in common: they were made possible by the vision and drive of one man – William Lyons.

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Swallow Sidecar Company, Sir William Lyons first business and the forerunner of todays Jaguar Cars Limited, a unique event is being organised by Jaguar Heritage.

Building on the success of the E-type 50th Anniversary Tour from Coventry to Geneva that Jaguar Heritage organised in March 2011, this years event will be UK based and will take place from September 2nd to 9th to encompass the exact 90th anniversary date. Commencing in Coventry, the Tour will circle round through Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Yorkshire and the Lake District before culminating with two nights in Blackpool where a number of special events and activities are planned. Full details of the itinerary are listed below.

The Tour will accommodate 90 vehicles and is open to owners of Swallow, SS, Jaguar, Daimler or Lanchester cars of any age.  If you would like to participate, please  complete and return the official application form.



Sunday 2nd September 2012

The event starts at the renowned Coombe Abbey Hotel with registration from 10.00am to 4.00pm. In the evening, coaches will be provided to transfer participants to a welcome reception and sumptuous dinner at St Marys Guildhall in the ancient heart of Coventry. With the Undercroft dating from 1340 and the magnificent 15th century Great Hall with its unique tapestry and stained glass, the Guildhall will provide the perfect historical backdrop to start the Tour.


Monday 3rd September 2012

The cars will depart from Coombe Abbey and make the short journey to the Jaguar Land Rover corporate headquarters and engineering centre at Whitley, Coventry where they will do a circuit round the site. From there the Tour will proceed via Wappenbury Hall, the former home of Sir William Lyons, to the scheduled lunch stop. A short afternoon drive to Cambridge will follow, with cars arriving in time for some sightseeing. Accommodation will be at the Crowne Plaza hotel, with dinner and musical entertainment at St Johns College providing an insight into university life at this ancient institution.


Tuesday 4th September 2012

The Tour will proceed at a relaxed pace through the Fens into Norfolk where participants can continue to mark HRH Queen Elizabeths diamond jubilee by visiting the royal estate at Sandringham. Lunch will be provided during the visit and there will be guided tours of the Royal Stud established in 1886 and still actively breeding thoroughbreds today. The route will then head back towards Grantham for an overnight stop at the Belton Woods Resort, which has a luxury Spa and many other facilities to help drivers and passengers unwind. A light buffet dinner will also be provided.


Wednesday 5th September 2012

After a relaxing breakfast, the cars will meander north through the Lincolnshire countryside before crossing over the amazing Humber Bridge with its 4,600 ft main span and 500 ft towers. The Tour will then head through Humberside into North Yorkshire for a lunch stop before proceeding to the 18th century Fairfield Manor Hotel on the edge of York for the night. Guests will be taken by open top bus into York city centre for an evening sight-seeing tour prior to dining at the National Railway Museum surrounded by icons from the age of steam!


Thursday 6th September 2012

This days route will take in some of the most beautiful countryside on the Tour, passing through the purple heather clad hills of the North Yorkshire Moors and then crossing through the Dales and over the Pennines into the Lake District. Participants will enjoy a lunch stop in one of the attractive villages along the way as they head towards the Windermere Hotel for the overnight stop. The evening activities will take place on the picturesque lake itself, with a boat cruise and dinner on board.


Friday 7th September 2012

From the lakes and mountains, the cars will head south via an exciting secret location (ear defenders may be required) where lunch will be provided before heading into Blackpool for the culmination of the Tour. Accommodation for the final two nights will be in the famous Imperial Hotel, venue for many political party conferences and a favourite of Sir William Lyons for hosting Jaguar events. Dinner will take place at the Blackpool Central Bowling and Social Club which is on the site of the original Swallow Sidecar Company factory in Bloomfield Road, and an evening of traditional seaside entertainment is planned!


Saturday 8th September 2012

The final day of the Tour will be based in and around Blackpool. Participants will have the opportunity to visit the other sites that have a historical link with the Swallow business in its early years and will be able to drive in convoy along the sea front on the exact route used in the past for Blackpool Speed Trials.  The climax of the Tour in the evening will be a Champagne Reception and Gala Dinner at the Imperial Hotel with celebrity guests.


Sunday 9th September 2012

Following a leisurely breakfast, participants will be free to depart for the return journey home.



Jaguar Heritage will make every endeavour to deliver the Tour programme as outlined above and on the Itinerary.  However, we reserve the right to make changes to the Itinerary and activities if necessitated by circumstances beyond our control.



Price per car (2 people):    £2,900

  1. Price per car (1 person):    £2,300


What is included:

  • 7 nights bed and breakfast accommodation (single, double or twin rooms) in luxury hotels. Note: single occupancy supplement will apply if two people sharing a car require single rooms
  • Dinner on 7 nights (Sept 2nd – St Marys Guildhall Coventry, Sept 3rd – St Johns College Cambridge, Sept 4th – Belton Woods Resort (light buffet with cash bar), Sept 5th – National Railway Museum York, Sept 6th – Boat Cruise Lake Windermere, Sept 7th – Bowling and Social Club Blackpool, Sept 8th – Blackpool Imperial Hotel Gala Dinner)
  • Table wines for all dinners except Sept 4th
  • Lunch on 5 days (Sept 3rd – Sept 7th)
  • Entrance charges for Sandringham Estate/Stud, National Railway Museum and any other attractions that are included in the official route
  • Route book, commemorative plaque and car decals (3 per car)
  • Souvenir Jaguar jacket (for driver and passenger)
  • All coach transfers to/from evening functions remote from hotels
  • Secure car parking in Cambridge city centre (September 3rd)
  • Open top bus sight-seeing tour of York (September 5th)
  • Windermere Lake cruise on September 6th
  • The services of a full technical support team
  • The services of a professional team at all the venues to assist with check-in/out, parking, luggage handling, concierge services and general support
  • Transportation of luggage (optional) between overnight stops


What is not included:

  • Humber Bridge and any other toll charges
  • Vehicle insurance and medical insurance
  • Incidental hotel expenses and bar bills
  • Lunch on September 7th
  • Attractions other than those included in the official route
  • All expenses incurred outside the core Tour dates (September 2nd – September 9th am)
  • Any speeding or other fines incurred during the trip

Jaguar Heritage


Silverstone Classic Sale – 21st July 2012

Jaguar Star Lot!



Estimate: £60,000-£70,000

Jaguar XKRS-GT3 Apex

Between 2007 and 2009, Apex Motorsport were a factory approved entrant into the FIA GT3 European Sports Car series with the Jaguar XKR8. Four cars were built in total, each one an evolution and improvement of its predecessor. Run by the very experienced and talented World Sports Car Racing expert, Richard Lloyd, the team were starting to become competitive and the car looked to be a potential winner when tragedy struck. The team were involved in an air disaster on the way to a test at Paul Ricard which sadly claimed the lives of all 5 on board, including Richard Lloyd, and their test driver, the very talented and much missed – David Leslie.

The team was destroyed, both emotionally and physically, and sadly the project was halted. Enthusiast and sponsor, Stuart Scott, bought the last car (this car, chassis no.4) and it raced with Mike Jordan in numerous British GT races to show the cars’ potential. In fact Johnny Mowlem test drove the car for Motorsport magazine in 2010 and reflected on what a fantastic car it is and the inevitable ‘what could have been’ side to the Apex story.

Today, it still offers an exciting and competitive package with over 510 BHP on offer from the supercharged V8 4.2 engine (which has done very limited running),  a 6 speed Hewland flat shift sequential gearbox, 3 way In-Trax bespoke dampers, AP 6 pot front calipers on 375mm discs and 4 pot rear calipers on 330mm discs, long range (108 ltr) quick fill ATL tank with refuelling, Motec dash and data-logging and a T45 structural roll cage all in a solid, strong but yet lightweight shell, (total car weighs 1240Kg) complete with inboard airjacks.

At this price range (it was over double this price 12 months ago and cost over £400k when new!) it must surely now be a timely proposition for a serious competitor or collector?


All information correct at time of publishing

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