Jaguar Silk Cut Gnome

Jaguar Silk Cut Le Mans Gnome Back in the heady days of the TWR Jaguar Racing Team fighting for supremecy at Le Mans in the late 1980’s it is rumoured that some gnomes were presented to members of the Jaguar Silk Cut Racing team.


Apparently, the presentations were not popular with drivers and they would avoid them if they could! So how many gnomes, blessed with hats and cloaks in Silk Cut livery were actually produced by Radio Le Mans, and how many survive?

We have found one, and unsurprisingly, the red faced owner of this typically French saucy little gnome prefers to remain anonymous for the time  being!

We are told that several Radio Le Mans gnomes have appeared on French ebay, but none of these have been in Jaguar Silk Cut livery.

So, are we to assume that this is the only surviving Silk Cut gnome, or are there more out there?

If you can help with the mystery gnomes, please contact Xclusively Jaguar