International Jaguar Spares Day – Spring 2013

International Jaguar Spares Day Spring 2013 is certainly one we won’t forget in a hurry!
Picture (left) courtesy of the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club, shows the scene just before opening time on Sunday morning!


Brucie in the undercover parking area


JEC raffle car in the foyer



Snow prevented many traders from attending and public turnout was similarly affected.

SNG Barratt had taken a whole aisle, on the side of the building they usually occupy, and had set out a wonderful display, where you entered via an SNG Barratt canopy, with an E-type and an XK120 displayed on either side. This lead down to the ordering and collection points, but alas, when I spoke to Julian Barratt they were at that time unable to connect to the internet, which severely hampered their ability to process orders, and the normal buss of intense activity around their stand was not present on this occassion.

Only a handful of people had braved the weather and brought with them Jaguars which were offered for sale. I knew of at least two others which had been booked, but didnt not arrive on the day.

Unusually, the sales cars were displayed in the hall itself, at the end where you would normally find Adamesh. Presumably, this was due to the absense of so many traders.

Organiser, John Salway, had opened up the remaining agricultural buildings on site, and we were allowed to park under cover, which was quite a treat! Although many people had driven there in 4×4’s, some had still managed the journey in their Jaguars.

The picture on the left shows Brucie in the undercover parking area, next to a Range Rover, which was the more sensible option, given the driving conditions! I was astounded at how much snow stuck to Brucie even after an hour on the road – didn’t do much the aerodynamics or fuel economy!

The JEC raffle car was again in the foyer and while other JEC volunteers sold raffle tickets from here, I opted to walk round all the stalls, giving traders the chance to buy raffle tickets.

On behalf of the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club and Troop Aid, I would like to thank all those who attended Jaguar Spares Day and supported Troop Aid.

As always on such occassions, those who did battle on and make it through the snow, shared a spirit of endeavour, adding to the camaraderie and atmosphere of the day and making the event successful and memorable in its own unique way!

The next International Jaguar Spares Day will be on 13th October 2013


All information correct at time of publishing.


International Jaguar Spares Day

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