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JEC National Southern Day will be on 1st September at Littlecote House, Near Hungerford. If you havent yet booked your tickets, phone 0117 969 8186 or email JEC HQ

Jaguar Cars have promised to bring the new limited edition XKR-S GT, which is breath-taking! If you are unfamiliar with the car, watch this video …..XKR-S GT

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 12 lightweight E-types produced by the factory in 1963, we will also be joined by the Lumsden-Sargent car!

There may yet be more fabulous and unusual cars from Jaguar on the day, so watch this space!

More details for Southern Day can be found HERE


Rob Jenner, our new Chairman, reported on a very successful day for the Scottish Jaguar Region at their annual “Jaguar Day” earlier this month.

A record 150 Jaguars supported the event, and Julie Jenner, was very pleased with the ticket sales for the XK convertible, being raffled by the JEC in support of Troop Aid

Dont forget to buy your raffle tickets for a chance to win the 2007 Jaguar XK convertible ….You will at the same time be supporting Troop Aid, a very worthy cause!


JEC Northern Day 2013 through the eyes of an Events Committee Member

by Letitia Mace

For most of the JEC Committee, Northern Day began when we arrived at the hotel in Boroughbridge on Friday 21st June! I arrived later than intended, at 6.30pm, due to the traffic on the M62. At the reception, I was told that the other committee members were meeting for dinner at 8pm. Explaining to Mark (JEC Shop) that I wished I had used the M1, he shook his head and said “No you don’t!”

It was fun meeting up with fellow Jaguar enthusiasts and enjoying the general banter and camaraderie which we all share. At the same hotel, were Jaguar Classic Parts and Jaguar Heritage, so a chance to catch up with everyone! Jaguar topics of all kinds being the main subject of our conversations!

On Saturday morning we had an early start, intending to finish off the work which Graham Searle and James Blackwell had started the day before.  As Chairman, Rob Jenner, was taking the JEC raffle car (a 2007 XK convertible) after the show, to Scotland for their Jaguar Day, so he and his wife Julie, had travelled down to Boroughbridge by train and had no transport to get from the hotel to Newby Hall. Brucie, being a lwb Sovereign, was enlisted as “Chairmans transport” for the weekend, and I was entrusted as “Chaffeur”! It took nearly the whole day to finish marking out all the field with posts and tape, and we covered a lot of mileage on foot in the process, working to a plan which had been decided on over the year at various committee meetings, and had been started the day before. Marquees had been set up, sign posts erected, toilets arrived and were appropriately located and finally dedicated display areas were marked out to direct members on the following day. We were fairly lucky with the weather, and able to dodge most of the showers by dashing into a marquee – all except James Blackwell and Ray Searles who were the other side of the field when the heavens opened!

With all the preparation done, we now had the big day ahead of us, so after an evening meal, and lots more Jaguar talk, we retired and ventured forth the next morning for another early start and long day! With keen members arriving as early as 8am, we had to be sharp on the gate and make sure that everyone knew where to go. Not an easy task, and members could help immensely here by making sure that their entry pass can be clearly seen on the dashboard, along with any other passes they had been issued with. This really helps us to keep things moving on the gate, and ensures that you go through quickly. If you do not have your Forum pass or Regional pass easily viewable in the windscreen, this means we have to stop you and ask you, and that is when a queue builds up! If you have not made previous arrangements to go on a Regional stand, you will be sent to the general parking area, as there may not be room for you on the stand.

Another difficulty on the day was picking out the Jaguar owners in non-Jaguars, from the estate staff, and again you need to have your pass clearly displayed in the windscreen, or risk being accidently sent off of the field to the general visitors’ area!

I think one region was upset by their space allocation, however, at these events, it is always very difficult to decide between allowing lots of space and spreading everyone over an unacceptably large area, where those at the back feel left out, or making each area compact and sending late comers and those who didn’t book with their region to the general parking area.

You have to spare a thought for the marshals and events committee who have to make these decisions, and remember that we are always willing to listen to your comments to improve on things. It is always good to get involved yourself, and see the problems we face and offer your thoughts on how we can make the events more enjoyable and smoother running. Remember, we are Jaguar enthusiasts’, not events professionals!

Personally, I found it very rewarding to have a purpose at the event, and to be approached by members and guests who I was not previously acquainted with, requesting directions to toilets, refreshments, dedicated displays etc. It gave me the opportunity to meet many new members and engage in conversation ….How far had they come for the event? …..What Jaguar had they arrived in? …..How long had they been a JEC member? …..Were they enjoying themselves?

Swept along by the excitement of the event, and happy being kept busy, I didn’t realise how tired I was until the end of the day when we had all packed up, and the field was just a field once more, and we all said our farewells and departed, eagerly awaiting more of the same at Southern Day, later in the year at Littlecote House!

If you think you would enjoy getting more involved in the club’s organization, by helping out at events, please contact Graham or James at head office in Bristol on 0117 969 8186 or by email at JEC HQ


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