Xclusively Jaguar Celebrates its 5th Anniversary!

As Xclusively Jaguar celebrates its 5th anniversary, Letitia Mace, owner of Xclusively Jaguar and editor of Xclusively Jaguar News, reflects on some of the landmarks of the past 5 years.
Date Landmark
August 2008 Established Xclusively Jaguar and sent out the first newsletter
March 2009 First sponsors – SNG Barratt
May 2010 Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club offer additional sponsorship
November 2010 Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club adopt Xclusively Jaguar News
January 2012 Jaguar Classic Parts offer additional sponsorship
June 2012 Organised XJ220 reunion for the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club at Weston Park
September 2012 Publication of my first contribution to Jaguar World Monthly
(a feature on the Insignia range of 1992/3)
November 2012 Attended my first JEC AGM at the Jaguar Visitor Centre, Castle Bromwich, and was officially appointed to JEC Events Committee
15 January 2013 Xclusively Jaguar moves from being a part-time hobby to a full-time enterprise
27 February 2013 Gave my first talk on Xclusively Jaguar to a JEC Regional Group
23 March 2013 Attended my first Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club Seminar, (The Trim Seminar), held at the Jaguar Visitor Centre, Castle Bromwich
15 April 2013 15.19pm: Travelling to a meeting with Jaguar Heritage, I saw a “disguised” Jaguar prototype on the B4455 in Harbury, Warwickshire, just outside Gaydon. Living in the provinces, this was a first for me, and the prototype in question appeared to be an F-type Coupe, in a black and white chequerboard suit! (important landmark for Jaguar enthusiast!)
May 2013 Accepted as a member of the Guild of Motoring Writers
26 May 2013 Attended the Norman Dewis Celebration at Nigel Webb’s Mike Hawthorn Museum, which was by invitation only, and  included a number of Jaguar luminaries. Also got a shot of Brucie with XJ13 !!
June 2013 New sponsors include Classic Motor Cars of Bridgnorth,
XJK Independent Jaguar Specialists, Longstone Classic Tyres and Just XJS
23 June 2013 Helped organize and run Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club National Northern Day at Newby Hall, Yorkshire
4 July 2013 Independence Day to some, but for me, my never to be forgotten first experience of driving a legendary E-type !!
August 2013 Xclusively Jaguar celebrates its fifth anniversary, and looks forward to the launch of an impressive new website, which has been developed in conjunction with the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club

With many thanks to all those who sponsor and support Xclusively Jaguar, including Honorary Patrons Norman Dewis and Win Percy, and all those who have not been mentioned here, but have been with me for the journey so far !!


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All information correct at time of publishing.