Jaguar Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) System 1978-1998

This is my complete table of Jaguar VIN’s, introduced in 1978. I was convinced that there was method to the Jaguar VIN system, rather than just randomly allocated letters, and this is proven here, by the fact that, for example, ALL Jaguar 2 door coupes from this era share the same letter (E) for character 7 (body).

There are VIN de-coding devices on the internet, but some are inaccurate or incomplete, and I like to know the alternatives!

If you have half as much fun looking through it as I have had researching it, then it has been worth it!

It is not the best quality, I’m afraid, but it has been a long time in the making, continually being interrupted by other projects, so I wanted to get it online for further comments, and for the benefit of those who need it. I will improve the quality of the table in due course, or provide quality printed copies at cost, to those who request them.

Please respect copyright on this work – it has been 4 years in the making!

Please share it, but acknowledge the author!     Letitia Mace – Xclusively Jaguar 2013

Checked, amended as required, and approved by Den Carlow, on behalf of Jaguar Heritage.

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Not all characters are in the table, due to space. Please see legend below for further explanation.

For simplicity, characters 1,2,3,4 & 9 are listed below as they are simple and consistent throughout the model range and time-span 1978 – 1998 (unless otherwise stated below)

Characters 1 – 3

Manufacturer    SAD = Daimler 1981-1987    SAJ=Jaguar 1981-1998 (and also Daimler 1988-1998)

Character 4    Marque    D=Daimler    J=Jaguar

Character 9    Transmission and Drive-side      1= manual (4spd) rhd        2=manual (4spd) lhd

3=auto rhd        4=auto lhd       7=manual rhd (5spd & 4spd+o/d)        8=manual lhd (5spd & 4spd+o/d)


Character 5:  F includes XJ40 XJ6 variants, such as Sport (aka 3.2S and 4.0S) and Gold

X308 where listed is up to 1998 only

X100 where listed is up to 1998 only

XJ-S and XJ Series 2 from 1978 only

XJS = all years unless otherwise stated

Character 8 (letters highlighted yellow = engine emission rating

Standard baseline (standard model, as designed for the home market, with no modifications to satisfy local laws/regulations)

Character 10 * 1978 = 8, 1979 = 9. (NB: Brazil = year of manufacture)

Manual seatbelts: DIY

Passive seatbelts: automatically activated by closing the doors

ECS – Emission Control System

*  Information derived from official Jaguar Cars parts catalogue

**Character 11 and 12 – XL = Vanden Plas, London for Limo/Hearse build for 1978 to 1980



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All information correct at time of publishing.