Ian Callum re-invents the Mark II Jaguar!

Ian Callum’s Mk II Reaches Final Bodywork Stage!

Report & pictures by CMC for Xclusively Jaguar News

Commenting on the build so far Callum said: “This car is a very personal statement of my thoughts on the Mk 2. I have retained the integrity of the car, a shape I have admired for so long, but there will be a number of visual modifications.”

The car which is being built by Classic Motor Cars (CMC) in Bridgnorth, Shropshire is being put together by a hand picked team of specialists and is due to be finished in six months time.

This is a project that we are not rushing,” said Nick Goldthorp, Managing Director of CMC, ”There has been a very specific design brief from Ian, and we are following that in great detail. Clearly we have to interpret the design changes to the car in minute detail, otherwise the changes that Ian is making will not work.

The car is still under wraps but Callum has revealed that the front wings of the car will include louvres, both from an aesthetic point of view and to allow better internal airflow from the modified engine.

He added: “I didn’t want to detract from the original Mk 2 but just imagine what an R version might have been like. I will also be creating some modern twists to complete the purity of the form.”

“I wanted to express the car in its simplest state, something that often happened to racing E-Types but seldom to the Mk 2. The car was always adorned with lots of chrome. I want to create the car to a purer profile and detail. That is what this project is all about.”

Callum admitted that getting the balance right had been a challenge as to what should stay and what should be omitted from the original.

He added: “I have sketched out in great detail each subtle design change, and then worked with digital media on my computer to resolve the finished surfaces.”

Callum said: “I am not sure what people will think of the outcome. I am not sure myself yet, but as a designer I must try new ideas, even on a traditional car like this. I will leave it for others to judge when the car is complete.”

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