Jaguar Magazine and Xclusively Jaguar

Xclusively Jaguar

is very pleased to announce

that their latest sponsor is

Jaguar Magazine

Now into its 31st year, Jaguar Magazine is the world leader in independent Jaguar publications, providing unique insights into what has made the car the cutting edge creature it was in the past and the force it will again be in the future.

Jaguar Magazine is now published in both hardcopy and digital formats.  Digital is available through iTunes.

Jaguar Magazine is also an offical outlet for Jaguar merchandise.

Jaguar Magazine has a Facebook page for the very latest news.

Jaguar Magazine provides readers with a way to indulge in all aspects of their passion, and you can now access the very latest in everything Jaguar on a monthly, weekly, daily or hourly basis on-line.

The cornerstone of Jaguar Magazine is the passion shared by Jaguar lovers and drivers, young and old, and in every part of the world. 

Jaguar Magazine aims to create a ‘home’ where everyone can log-on, read, and immerse themselves in all aspects Jaguar.

Jaguar Magazine covers all the models from the original SS1 to the latest F-Type.

Jaguar Magazine covers the major events, important personalities and includes restorations, obtaining parts, buyers guides and finding lost cars.

From Jaguar Cars’ beginnings, their focus was on the future while being true to their heritage – not stuck in it. Jaguar Magazine has never forgotten that, and has always strived to look to the future and remember the moments that have defined it.

Jaguar Magazine