Jaguar Racing – Donington Park – 24/25 August 2013

Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club Racing

Jaguar Classic Parts Saloon & GT Championship

Donington Park – 24th/25th August 2013

Report by Terry Dye

Pictures by Chris and Roger Gage

Twenty-nine drivers assembled for the final rounds of the 2013 championship and with four drivers in the running for overall honours, there was much to be gained (or lost!).

A damp and miserable start to the weekend combined with an early slot led to a deceptively greasy qualifying surface, which caught out a number of drivers, although, surprisingly, the modified cars posted good times. Tom Barclay led Lawrence Coppock, with the David Howard XJ12 third on the grid. Chris Palmer completed the second row and led Class C, whilst returning driver Alasdair McGregor was the quickest of the standard cars.

After Philip Comer’s clutch failed, an incredible effort from Kutuka Motorsport replaced it in time to race, only then to be let down by a broken rotor arm.

Race 1
Barclay took the lead from Coppock, Howard and the fast-improving Tom Butterfield but, somewhat controversially, dropped to fourth on the second lap, before finally recovering to finish second behind Howard. Entertaining battles between Gail Hill and Dave Bye, Alasdair McGregor and Chris Pizzala were watched by a group from the JEC XJ40 Forum. McGregor’s race ended when a piston escaped through the side of the block. There were other fine drives by Colin Philpott and Dean Sewell as they cut through the field, and after probably his finest race, Sewell was awarded  Drive of the Day.

James Crook does some gravel spreading

Nick Dyson carries on regardless

Alasdair McGregor dances in the debris

and Chris Pizzala finds an alternative route!


Results First Second Third
Overall David Howard Tom Barclay Tom Butterfield
Class A Chris Pizzala Steve Askham Ben Walker
Class B Tom Barclay Tom Butterfield Gail Hill
Class C Chris Palmer Chris Boon Colin Philpott
Class D David Howard Lawrence Coppock  


Race 2
The rolling start was frantic but resulted in a Howard lead from Barclay and a hard-charging Palmer. Late in the race Barclay was within an inch of Howard, but could not quite make the pass, so it was another one-two for this pair.

A fine three-way battle between Coppock, Bye and Hill was cut short when Bye’s gearbox let him down on lap nine, and we enjoyed another entertaining fight between Pearce, Webster and Philpott, whilst Sewell had a titanic battle with Askham, only resolved when his car let go on the penultimate lap.

Simon Lewis started from the back and in a masterly display, came right through the field to seventh, a feat which earned the much prized Drive of the Day trophy.

Bruce Cologne-Brookes spins

The Bye-Hill battle continues

and Matt Jeffery thinks he’s founds a short-cut!


Results First Second Third
Overall David Howard Tom Barclay Tom Butterfield
Class A Chris Pizzala Steve Askham Laurence Squires
Class B Tom Barclay Tom Butterfield Dave Bye
Class C Chris Palmer Colin Philpott Chris Boon
Class D David Howard Lawrence Coppock  


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