Jaguar XK8 High Power Sidelights

Gil Keane of 4Sight Lighting (Better Car Lighting) has been working hard to improve his current range of specialist LED lighting solutions for Jaguar cars and is now supplying new high power bulbs for XK8 front sidelights.
They use the same Cree chip high power LED’s used in those powerful pen torches and are incredibly bright!
They have other advantages too – they will work either way around (handy when they are so fiddly to fit) and have the electronics built in to avoid bulb-failure false warnings.
They look standard when the lights are off, and this is important as they are so visible on this car.

Jaguar XK8 high power sidelight bulbs are priced at £19.99. (Plus VAT and P&P).


4Sight Visionary Lighting have been providing automotive lighting solutions for trade and public, UK and overseas, since 1978. We can supply complete LED lighting kits, including ambient lighting and LED bulbs for positive or negative earth cars. Phone or email for full details/brochures.

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