Jaguar Heritage News – April 2013

Jaguar Heritage News – April 2013
Celebrating 25 Years of Jaguar R Performance Cars!

From the 1988 XKR-S to the recently announced 2013 XJR.

Browns Lane 1961

Ricoh Arena 2013*

E-type leads off F-type!*
Long awaited F-type Dealer Launch

The big Jaguar news this month – which can’t have escaped many people – is the launch of the new F-TYPE!  Since early April, the world’s leading automotive journalists have been flying into Pamplona in Northern Spain to take part in the F-TYPE Press Launch event.  With the embargo for publishing their first impressions of the new car set as April 17, the initial delegates had to maintain a discrete silence – although the informal feedback from the Jaguar hosts was very encouraging. The verdicts are now out and the media seem to be of a single mind – the new F-TYPE is brilliant!

To set the scene at the press launch venue, an impressive display of classic Jaguars had been lined-up to put the new F-TYPE in its rightful context as part of Jaguar’s continuing bloodline of outstanding sports cars.  These included an original Ecurie Ecosse C-type from 1952 (chassis XKC-042) that belongs to Dick Skipworth, the Jaguar Heritage 1956 long nose D-type and an immaculate Series 1 E-type belonging to Peter Neumark of CMC, thought to be the first right hand drive coupé model sold.  The latter two cars also featured in last month’s newsletter as they took part in the run from Jabbeke to Geneva in early March – proving that they are still in fine mechanical condition despite being over 50 years old!
As the press embargo was lifted, the F-TYPE also went officially ‘on sale’ and to coincide with this, the Jaguar UK team decided to organise a special Dealer Drive-away event.

The inspiration for this was a similar event 52 years earlier when Jaguar dealers came to Browns Lane to collect their first E-type demonstrators.  For the re-staging of this event in 2013, the mighty Ricoh Arena in Coventry was chosen as the venue – providing plenty of parking space and the extensive Jaguar branded hospitality facilities.

Greeting the dealers on arrival was an array of 60 new F-TYPEs parked up in an ‘F’ formation, with a combined value of around £4.7 million!  In recognition of the inspiration for the event, Jaguar Heritage was asked to provide its 1974 E-type V12 roadster – the last of the line produced at Browns Lane – which was duly parked outside the entrance to the Ricoh stadium alongside its spiritual successor.  As one of the last 50 Commemorative models, the E-type is painted black which fitted well with the F-TYPEs which were all either black or red.

After a welcome reception and presentation from JLR UK Marketing Director, Kenneth Forbes, the dealers were ready for their drive-away.  The Jaguar Heritage E-type was moved into position to lead off the parade with guest of honour Robin Sturgess riding in the passenger seat.  Robin is from the third generation of the Sturgess family who started business in Leicester in 1897 selling bicycles and who were recently named as Franchised Main Dealer of the Year in the prestigious Motor Codes Garage of the Year awards.  Robin was chosen for this honour because he came to Browns Lane in 1961 to collect the first E-type for his Jaguar dealership – although his son Chris bagged the driver’s seat this time for their return journey to Leicester in the F-TYPE!

Neil McPherson and Robin Sturgess, in the last E-type, lead the parade of F-TYPEs on their way into central Coventry to do a lap of the ring road creating a head-turning spectacle – with not just the sight but also the amazing sound of 60 excited dealers blipping the throttle and accelerating hard!  A short video has been made to capture the highlights of this event – HERE

*Images courtesy of Stuart Writtle

F-type in Firesand

E-type at Seoul Motor Show

F-type steals the Motor Shows!

Further afield, the F-TYPE has also been making its first appearance at motor shows in a number of markets that are growing in importance for the Jaguar Land Rover business.  First up was the Seoul Motor Show in South Korea which took place from March 28 to April 7.  Korea is a growth market for Jaguar accounting for over 1,000 sales in 2012 and ranked 4th in the world for XJ sales.  To put the new F-TYPE in its historical context, Jaguar Korea asked for an original Series 1 E-type to display on their show stand and Jaguar Heritage duly obliged by sending the famous 1961 launch car 77RW which is owned by Mr Michael Kilgannon but on permanent loan to Jaguar Heritage.

Jaguar Design Director, Ian Callum, also made his maiden visit to Korea for the show and introduced the new F-TYPE at the press conference where he was able to draw parallels with the ground breaking design and technology of the E-type when it was introduced.

Next up was the Shanghai Motor Show in Jaguar Land Rover’s largest market, China.  The show opened with a press conference on April 20 at which the new Range Rover Sport and Jaguar F-TYPE were making their market debut.  As Jaguar’s heritage is not well known in China, a significant part of the show stand was devoted to a display of the full Jaguar bloodline, with a C-type, D-type and E-type lined up alongside the F-TYPE – which was finished in the special order metallic colour of Firesand.  The C-type was Richard Frankel’s well known car MDU 212, chassis XKC-005, which won the Reims grand prix for sports cars in 1952.  Next to this was Jaguar Heritage’s 1954 D-type prototype, with the 1961 Series 1 E-type OTS that belongs to Mr George Missetzis completing the line-up.

The press launch was a typically spectacular affair with four acrobats descending from the roof on wires to pull off the covers simultaneously on the four sports cars!  When the Shanghai show finishes on April 29, it will signal the start of a 12 city Heritage Tour that will run until the end of August.  This will take the new F-TYPE and the line-up of its classic forebears to the major urban centres throughout China, including Beijing and Hong Kong.  As both the C-type XKC-005 and Jaguar Heritage’s short nose D-type are needed for events back in Europe, they will be replaced on the Heritage tour by other C and D-type cars kindly being provided by Dr James Hull.

Jaguar Classic Parts Team

Techno Classica Essen

The final motor show to have taken place during April was the giant Techno-Classica show at Essen in Germany.  Jaguar Classic Parts had a major presence with a large stand on which they displayed the new F-TYPE together with four of the classic Jaguars for which they supply spare parts.  These included three cars from the Jaguar Heritage collection, a 1996 XJS V12, the 2001 XK8 Union Jack car from the Austin Powers films and a 2002 Daimler Super V8 (X308).  Alongside these was a Series 1 E-type loaned by Jaguar Deutschland.

Techno-Classica is the biggest classic car show in Europe and attracted 193,000 visitors over the five days it was open from April 10-14.  They were treated to an amazing display from more than 1,250 exhibitors, with 220 of these being clubs or interest groups. The Jaguar Classic Parts team were kept very busy with enquiries and orders, but still managed to find time for a group photograph!

Citation Jet Pilots Association members

Bernard Charles CEO Dassault Systèmes
VIP Visits

Closer to home, Jaguar Heritage were asked to supply cars and drivers to chauffeur some VIPs who were paying a visit to Jaguar Land Rover.  The first of these was for two members of the Citation Jet Pilots association, both long standing Jaguar owners and enthusiasts, who had flown over from the USA with their partners into Baginton Airport.  After an overnight stop in Stratford and a visit to the Shakespeare Theatre, they were taken to Castle Bromwich for a private factory tour and a preview of the new F-TYPE.  Three of the Jaguar Heritage volunteers then chauffeured them via a lunch stop at Hampton-in-Arden to Gaydon where they had a chance to drive the current Jaguar product range on the test track.

A week later JLR had a visiting delegation from French company Dassault Systèmes who are specialists in 3D design software and virtual experiences – something increasingly being used by JLR when creating its new products.  After a tour of the design studio at Gaydon, the visitors needed to be taken to the JLR headquarters at Whitley for further meetings – and Jaguar Heritage were asked to take Dassault President and CEO Bernard Charles in the famous XK120 LWK 707 – the ‘7 days and 7 nights’ car that set a number of speed and distance records at the Montlhéry circuit near Paris in 1952.  M. Charles was very interested in the car and clearly enjoyed the journey.

JH Technical Volunteers
left to right: Stuart McEvoy,
Bob Broderick, Dave Rooney, Roger Atkinson, Dave Palmer, Gary Jones, Geoff Smith, Alan Crosby, Chris Bennett, Graham Stevens, Tony Bagley, Eric Baptiste & Peter Brown

Jaguar Heritage Volunteers

A recurring theme through the prior event reports is the important role played by the dedicated band of Jaguar Heritage Volunteers.  Jaguar Heritage is very fortunate to have a number of loyal volunteers who help out with many activities and events.  They divide into two categories – Archive Volunteers and Technical Volunteers.  As the description implies, Archive volunteers help out with the archive activities at Gaydon and they will be the subject of a future newsletter.

The Technical volunteers undertake a more diverse range of activities that varies from working on the cars in the collection, to chauffeuring duties and supporting events in the UK and abroad. The current trusty band come from a variety of backgrounds (although most worked for Jaguar at some point in their careers), and have a wide range of technical skills; one thing they all have in common is a passion for all things Jaguar and for classic cars in general!  Jaguar Heritage is always on the lookout for new volunteers so if you know of anyone who might be interested and who has the right sort of background, please encourage them to get in touch with us.

Broadspeed Coupe

Daimler TE30
Heritage Vehicle Collection Update

The Jaguar Heritage workshop is always a busy place with vehicles being prepared for events as well as undergoing more extensive renovation and maintenance.  Recent projects that are progressing are the 1976 V12 XJ Coupe Broadspeed racing car which is being prepared for an appearance at CarFest North in August at Oulton Park, and one of the collection’s centenarians – the magnificent 1913 Daimler TE30 Cranmore Landaulet.

The Broadspeed XJC has required quite extensive work including welding up the floor, obtaining a bespoke set of wheels and tyres, re-working all the cooling ducts and the front spoiler and re-painting several parts of the car.  It is now nearing completion and should be ready for some shake down testing over the next few weeks.

It is always interesting each year to look at the vehicle collection to see what cars are celebrating anniversaries.  With the Coronation Festival later this year, there will obviously be a focus on 60 year old cars – but the JH collection goes back a lot further than this and includes a couple of vehicles that are 100 years old this year.  One is a Daimler TE30, believed to be one of only three surviving, which has been owned by the Trust since 2000.  It was originally sold to an owner in the Isle of Wight and was laid up until 1952 when his widow died.  It was then bought by a Mr Whiteway who eventually decided to sell the car to the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust – so it has only had three owners from new!

Although it hasn’t been used for a couple of years, the trusty Daimler is still in excellent condition and was quickly coaxed back into life by the Heritage technicians.  It is hoped to be able to take it to some events later in the year – watch this space!

Autocar – April 2013

The Original F-type

The ill-fated XJ41 project from 25 years ago was the original ‘F-type’, conceived as a replacement for the XJS to bring Jaguar back closer to its sporting heritage.

Based on XJ40 mechanicals, it was initially planned to be a straightforward rear wheel drive car but this evolved into a four wheel drive platform with a twin turbo version of the AJ6 engine.  The design work was done in house by Keith Helfet under the leadership of the late Geoff Lawson and two bodystyles were created – a coupe with a targa roof and a full convertible as pictured here.  Sadly, the timing was all wrong and the programme was axed by Bill Hayden shortly after Ford acquired the Jaguar business in 1989.

Jaguar Heritage owns the two surviving prototypes (the XJ41 and XJ42) and was asked to supply the convertible to support a photo shoot for Autocar magazine – the April 17 edition of which features an article by Andrew Frankel who interviewed Ian Callum to get his views on this ‘first generation’ F-TYPE.  It is a fascinating article providing an insight into the various machinations that eventually led to the Aston Martin DB7 and the XK8 (X100) programmes.

The images show Andrew Frankel and Ian Callum with the XJ41 being photographed by Stan Papior

Forthcoming Events

First up is the Bodensee Klassic from May 2-4 which will feature Jaguar Heritage’s 1952 XK120 LWK 707 alongside a classic Land Rover Defender and Range Rover – all part of a team entry from Jaguar Deutschland.

The following weekend will see the Press Day for the 2013 Coventry Festival of Motoring.  Come along to the Millennium Square on May 11 to see some of the vehicles that will be taking part in the event, including the 1925 Brough Superior motorcycle with the 1928 Swallow Sidecar, the 1955 Mark Vll and the 1963 Series 1 E-type FHC from the Jaguar Heritage collection.

The next day May 12 is Super Cars Sunday which will once again be taking place in Kenilworth town centre (outside the Almanack) and which will be raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.  Jaguar Cars will be there with the new F-TYPE (listen out for it in the ‘Noise Parade’ planned for midday) and Jaguar Heritage will be bringing along the two XK8s – the James Bond and Union Jack Cars.  Rides in all these cars can be booked by making a donation to Macmillan so come along and have fun in a good cause!

Hot on the heels of this comes the 2013 Mille Miglia from May 16-19 where Jaguar Heritage Racing has entered a team of five vehicles including Jaguar Heritage’s 1953 XK120 OOF 748 and 1953 C-type NDU 289 (chassis XKC-045) – both celebrating their 60th anniversary.  Look out for a full report in next month’s newsletter.

A full calendar of events is also planned in June which will include two of the major club national days – The Daimler Lanchester Owners Club day on June 9 at Quarry Park, Shrewsbury and the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club Northern Day at Newby Hall near Ripon on June 23.  Jaguar Heritage will be supporting these events with a selection of cars from its collection including models celebrating anniversaries this year.  One of these will be a recent acquisition for the Heritage collection – a 1987 Jaguar 420.  A report on this car and some pictures will be included in next month’s newsletter.



Jaguar Heritage

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