Troop Aid and a Jaguar XK Convertible

The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club raised £17000 for Troop Aid in 2012 with their annual raffle of a Jaguar XK. The draw took place at the NEC in November.

This donation sponsored 680 Troop Aid grab bags for injured servicemen and women.

TROOP AID was founded in November 2006 by three ex servicemen as a result of a visit to Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham.  It was during this visit we discovered that injured troops returning to the United Kingdom from the war zones were arriving back without their personal effects or clothing.  The objective of TROOP AID is to support them by providing the basic essentials in our GRAB BAGS.

Items in the GRAB BAG include T-shirt and shorts, washing and shaving kit, towel, face flannel, toothpaste, toothbrush, shower mules, socks, underwear, pen and paper. The GRAB BAGS    and made to suit individual sizes, we also make up GRAB BAGS for injured female service personnel.

In addition to this emergency pack we also supply on demand to the injured service personnel many other items of clothing and footwear such as tracksuits, hoodies, fleeces and trainers. We deal directly with the Defence Medical Welfare Service and other military medical establishments in the UK where there is a need.  Additionally TROOP AID are sponsoring the Garden at the New Fisher House adjacent to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital which is a “HOME FROM HOME”for the families of the injured

Our GRAB BAGS are currently being sent to the Field Hospital in Afghanistan, Cyprus and the Falkland Islands, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham plus the Ministry of Defence Hospital Units in Germany, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Frimley Park Hospital in Camberley and Headley Court.

It costs £25.00 to make up one of our GRAB BAGS To sponsor a bag please go to:

Troop Aid and send us a message or call us on 0121 711 7215


The staff at TROOP AID often receive communications from grateful recipients of GRAB BAGS who are now convalescing, such as the one reproduced below

I was recently CASEVACed from Camp Bastion due to a broken leg. Prior to being transported home I spent some time in the Role 3 hospital in Camp Bastion and found myself short of kit. Thanks to your brilliant little crash out bag I had some spare kit to change into and it really has helped a lot. What you guys do in conjunction with the military patient care system is absolutely amazing and I would like to send my thanks on behalf of all those that are unable to for one reason or another. I am currently in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and my family cannot make it down to see me and without your bag I would have had no change of clothing from my uniform.


Thanks guys very much appreciated.

Sgt Christopher Floyd

The Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club will be supporting TROOP AID again this year (2013) with the raffle of another Jaguar XK – this year it is a 2007 Convertible.

Full details of the car and how to purchase tickets, at £1 each, can be found HERE

All information correct at time of publishing.

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