Jaguar Heritage Archive – What do they do?

As it seems that many people still do not understand the exact role of Jaguar Heritage, or are not aware of the full range of services offered by them, I felt that it was worth asking the team if they would give me a definitive list; so here it is, for your convenience.

What do they do?
Archive the memos, letters and company documents, photographs and pertinent literature.

The Archivist is Faye McLeod, qualified to masters degree level, who came to us from Aston Martin. She was very happy administering the AM archive, but was intrigued by the greater challenge of the far larger Jaguar Archive. Faye’s father is a long standing and very knowledgeable Jaguar employee who works in the trim department.

Also in the archive team – Anders Clausager (consultant), who handles heritage certificate requests and historical enquiries; Karam Ram (photographic archivist), who deals with prints, licenses for images, and footage requests.  We currently have four volunteers, who are very knowledgeable in various eras of Jaguar’s history and models.

Storage and Cataloguing
The majority of collections are stored on-site, at Heritage Motor Centre, housed alongside the BMIHT collections. Some collections are stored in deep storage, off-site.

We can recall items and collections from off-site storage, but there is a delay for delivery.

Boxes and folders are made from acid and lignin free cardboard with brass staples, to protect the contents from deterioration and discolouration

The archive is currently being catalogued to international standards. We hope, as cataloguing progresses, to have the catalogues available on-line, in order to assist enthusiasts in their research.

As there is a constant stream of new material, this is a never ending task

Conducting Your Own Research
Please contact Faye McLeod

Based on the nature of your research, Faye will provide a box list of relevant material, from which you may choose what you wish to consult.

Faye will need at least seven days’ notice of any intended research visit, in order to book you a space in the reading room.

On your first visit, please bring a form of photographic ID. You will receive a reader’s ticket, which is then valid for one year.

You can then have use of the reading room to take whatever notes you want, and there is no charge for this service.

Photography requires a permit, at £5 per day

Any number of boxes can be ordered, any number of times!

Documents containing sensitive private company information are not accessible to the general public.

Heritage Certificates and Historical Enquiries
Heritage Certificates continue to be researched and administered by Anders DitlevClausager along with enquiries regarding model production data.

There is a charge of £42 for a heritage certificate, and they are only issued for cars that are more than 10 years old.

Please remember to submit either a copy of the second page of the V5C (or equivalent title document), or (for pre-1978 cars) all four numbers – chassis, engine, body, gearbox.

We cannot accept certificate orders over the telephone – please order them HERE (or download a form, and return it via fax, post, or email). Jaguar Heritage are happy to post application forms to clients who do not have access to the internet.

Photographs and Footage
These enquiries are handled by Karam Ram

We are able to supply prints, or discuss licenses for wider use.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

More details and information are available via the Jaguar Heritage website.


Jaguar Heritage

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All information correct at time of publishing.