Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club Southern Day Report

As with Northern Day, earlier this year, National Southern Day began for me on Friday when I left home bound for Littlecote House near Hungerford in Berkshire. Not so far from home this time, and heading away from the general traffic flow, I anticipated an easy journey! Not so, and after several hold-ups on the A303, I opted out at the next nearest junction and completed my journey along the A4 – unknown territory for Brucie and I.

Set in an idyllic part of England, you could easily make a holiday based around Southern Day, with Marlborough, Devizes, and the Kennet and Avon Canal all close by.

For the JEC’s national committee, the day before the show is every bit as busy as the show day itself, setting out areas for the regions, pride and joy, concours, traders and special displays; erecting gazebos, and directing members and traders arriving in advance of the day!

Sunday 1st September 2013 was the big day, and as always, there were so many Jaguars to see that I often feel that one day is not enough, and the few pictures below are really the only ones I had time to look at in detail during my busy schedule. For those of you who missed the XKR-S GT, we were unfortunately informed by Jaguar at the 11 hour that the car was no longer available as further testing was required and there is only the one prototype at the moment!


Before the invasion! …..Brucie and Rob Jenner’s X-type estate have the Forum Stand to themselves!

JEC member, David Bradbury, brought his XJR-15 for our special display of rare and exotic Jaguars

Another one of our exotics – a faithful replica of the Lumsden-Sargent lightweight E-type very kindly brought to the event by its owner, Mike Wrigley

History of the Lumsden-Sargent Lightweight E-type Replica
Back in 2010 RS Panels was contacted by Tony at Moorland Classic Cars asking if they could build his customer, Mike Wrigley, an exact re-creation of The Ex Lumsden/Sargent Low Drag Coupe (49 FXN).

The first step was to research the original car which RS Panels had worked on in the past and had access to.

Templates and dimensions were taken but it was very apparent the car had had a colourful life over the last 50 years, including being turned upside down in the lake at Oulton Park in 1965.

RS Panels decided to contact as many of the original team as possible, who hadn’t been together under the same roof since 1964.

Eventually, 4 out of the 5 original team members, Co-owners and drivers Peter Lumsden and Peter Sargent, Samir Klat and Brian Playford responded. Harry Watson was the only member unaccounted for, but was last heard of in Australia.

This car started life as one of the 12 aluminium Roadsters but received considerable modifications and expertise of Samir Klat and Harry Watson, which through a private exercise produced some most interesting and exciting developments. In many ways this took the Light Weight E-Type to the forefront of technology at that time.

Klat and Watson were studying at the Imperial College of London so had access to the College facilities. Samir had also had experience working with Frank Costin on the aerodynamics side of the Le Mans Lister.

The whole exercise was to create a car with as much power as possible and a more aerodynamic body to reduce drag.

In the end they produced a beautiful aerodynamic car which proved to be one of the quickest competition E-Types in history.

Samir agreed to help with the project and he came to the UK bringing 68 of his original negatives of when they developed the original car in 1963/64.

These negatives proved very helpful in the success of the whole project providing many valuable details. This provided the opportunity to scale exactly from the photographs which Samir very kindly loaned to RS Panels.

One particular photograph was a perfect side on shot which was used for the side profile of the car. RS Panels scaled this up to full size and printed it off full scale. When the car was complete RS Panels invited the two Peters, Samir and Brian to their workshop, and all were most impressed with the end result.

Samir stated that RS Panels had produced a car exactly as the original.

RS Panels would like to thank all involved with this very exciting and rewarding project.

Reproduced by kind permission of RS Panels


The XJ Sentinel, discreetly armoured Jaguar, kindly loaned to us by Jaguar Cars for the day

The XJ Sentinel is so discreetly armoured that, for the purposes of display, it has to be embellished with the word ARMOURED in large capital letters along its sides! The driver who accompanied the car demostrated some of its tricks throughout the day, and explained that its first line of defence is that it is hardly distinguishable from a standard XJ – until provoked, that is !!


Two examples of the rare special edition “XKR Silverstone” joined us – this coupe from Jersey, and a convertible

XKR Silverstone Limited Edition
The new millennium dawned with Jaguar entering Formula 1, an event that was celebrated by the creation of the ‘Silverstone’ special edition of the XK8. Based on the supercharged XKR version of the XK8, the Silverstone was strictly oriented toward performance, with 20-inch alloy wheels shod with Pirelli’s P-Zero tyres and Brembo 4-piston brakes with aluminium callipers. The car was equipped with Jaguar’s CATS (Computer Advanced Technology Suspension) system and a special handling pack developed by the company’s SVO (Special Vehicles Operation) department. Originally, just 100 cars were planned, 50 coupes and 50 convertibles, which would be sold in Europe. As it transpired, these first 100 “phase one” cars totalled 102 in all, and were sold in the UK only.

The cars proved so successful, that a further production run of 500 cars was planned to provide for the demand from the United States and the rest of the world, however, total “phase 2” production eventually stood at 456, plus the original 102 UK cars. Naturally, in view of the model’s name, all 558 cars were painted in Platinum Silver.

The Silverstone model foreshadowed a new range of performance options, the R range, which became available as options on production cars later in the year. The options included wheels, uprated brakes and handling packs specifically tailored to the XJR and XKR. The R options were developed by the Special Vehicle Operations department, which had built the XK 180.

1.    The Silverstone was offered as either a Coupe or a Convertible
2.    Colour: Platinum – metallic (Code: MDZ/1916)
3.    Interior: Black hide, stitched red
4.    Wheels: 20 inch Detroit alloys
5.    Phase I – The first 102 cars are based on the Model Year 2000 XKR, and have among other differences, integrated headrests. They were solely for the UK market.
6.    Phase II – The remaining cars are based on the Model Year 2001 XKR, they are easily recognized by the separated headrests, and were intended for Europe and the USA, among others.
7.    The Silverstone came as a distinctive Limited Edition with a comprehensive list of extra’s already included in the package.
(The only 2 factory options which could be added to this list were Satellite Navigation and a Telephone.)
8.    Dealer Options which could be specified on purchase, included rear parking sensors and a wind deflector
9.    Market specific features, from the factory, include:
a. Heated windscreen (Nordic countries)
b. Grass Heat Shield under catalytic converter (Japan)
c. Specific differential (Mexico)
d. Electric engine heater (Canada)

Register your Silverstone on the Xclusively Jaguar XKR Silverstone Register


This 3.4 Mark II was first issued to the Chief of Police for Exeter!

Having purchased the car 2 years ago with the intention of restoring it himself, Tony Bennett was then diagnosed with cancer, and had to be content with having someone else restore it if he was going to see it completed! A very sad but all too familiar scenario!

Displayed at JEC Southern Day, having been restored to immaculate condition the car now only requires the original pennant (or a replica) which fits into the socket (top left), so if anyone can help, please contact Rebecca Bennett who will be sincerely grateful to see the successful completion of her husband’s project!

A further report on JEC National Southern Day will appear in The Jaguar Enthusiast magazine in due course. Meanwhile more pictures can be seen HERE


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