JEC Spanish Region News – August 2014

Latest News by Eric Arnold

The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club in Spain has now been in existence for just over 3 years, in that time we have been really fortunate with the weather, on Sunday 27th July, our luck continued, bright blue skies, if anything it was a little too hot, why do I mention this you may ask, it is just that the last time we met at Restaurant La Harradure in Los Montesinos, apart from a few minutes here and there it pretty well rained all day long. One bad day in three years, not too shabby, we are so lucky to live in this fabulous climate.

Restaurant La Herradura in Los Montesinos, is an old converted Finca with “oodles” of history. Great parking and an outside terrace where we initially congregated for pre lunch drinks. The typically Spanish lunch was extremely good for the measly 23.50 Euro’s charged. Served to us in the private hall, starting with a fabulous home made bread with tomato and aioli, the obligatory salad, dauphinoise potatoes, savoury crepes filled with black sausage, a light noodle soup, then a choice of Lamb, Loin of Pork or Fish, I had the Lamb, which, I have to say was not the best lamb I have ever had but all the starters were fine, dessert and coffee and all the water and wine you could drink. I have to say the wine was very good and it did help the day “flow” nicely. Pleasantly stuffed I think is a good way to describe the after lunch feeling. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that attended the meeting, especially all the new members, and of course a big thank you to Ian and Uschi McMenemy for organising the event.

Bo Hammonds beautiful XK8 was awarded the prize for the “ladies choice”.. Some of the old favourites were there as usual, David Shea and his fabulous gold XJS Convertible.  More examples of XJS’s, XK8’s, XKR’s XJ’s, X Types, quite a few new XF’s and a jaw dropping new XJ, “The Guvnors” XK8 Convertible. completed the collection this time. A total of 15 Jaguars and 40 people, a good turnout considering we are in the “visitor” season.

We have a few announcements to make, first the easy one, the next meeting will be on Sunday 28th September, venue yet to be decided, but I am sure it will be as good as usual. For the meeting on November 16th, which will be at Restaurant La Torreta, near Elda, we will be hosting a presentation from Pelicer and Heredia, a team of renowned lawyers, the presentation will cover all things legal relating to vehicles in Spain. And now The Big One, in March 2015, there will be a joint meeting between JEC Spain and JEC France. The “pride of big cats” will meet at an 8th century castle in the north of Spain, a very special event that should not be missed.

The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club is the largest of the worlds Jaguar Clubs, apart from joining in the fun at the meetings, members also benefit from a glossy 140 page A4 monthly magazine, and a technical advice service second to none. If you live in Spain and own a Jaguar you should be a member of The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club. The JEC in Spain is organised by Eric Arnold and Ian McMenemy. Eric can be contacted by email at or by phone on 609931647 or alternatively check out or the JEC main web site Our Events director, Ian McMenemy can be contacted at Not forgetting  David Shea who looks after our Facebook identity and John Parkin who manages our dedicated web site


Future Events

  • November 2014: A presentation about Spanish Motoring Law
  • March 2015: Joint meeting between JEC Spain & JEC France – a very special weekend


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