The 25th Andrew Whyte Memorial Lecture

Michael Driver, author of ‘The Toy Jaguar Book’ (detailed below) reports on this years’ Andrew Whyte Lecture, for which we must once more thank Bob Beecham.


Once again the lecture took place at the Jaguar Visitor centre starting with refreshments at 1.00pm. This year saw four sessions with outstanding contributor’s speaking on various aspects of Jaguar and its history.

Firstly we returned to the 1960s and the Lightweight E-Type. Martyn Hollingsworth and David Fairbairn are in charge of building six cars to complete the original proposed eighteen cars. Martyn, who is project manager, went through all the work involved in finding the original specifications and transferring this information to computer software and then building the car. The cars will be produced, at Browns Lane, using the same manufacturing techniques as for the original.The first is due for delivery in February 2015.

David, who has also been involved with other Jaguar projects including the CX-75, said that the cars were not to be built for the showroom, but were meant to be driven and raced. Of the 40 to 60 enquiries for the car, they have chosen prospective owners who can fulfil these objectives. The session finished with a short film about the project.

Continuing with Jaguar history, Jonathan Heynes, the son of Bill Heynes, provided a history of his father’s involvement with Jaguar. This included old photographs of the many events in which his father had been involved. How he had come from Humber cars and worked on the development of Jaguar engines and cars and especially XK engine. His time at the factory, which saw work on the Whitley bomber, the spitfires and the first jet fighter, the Gloster Meteor.

After the war, his working on many projects, including the racing C-Types, D-Types, and then the saloon cars and rally cars. He was of course involved with the E-Type and Jonathon still drives his father’s E-Type which was used for testing and evaluation.

At this stage, being filled with so much knowledge, there was break for refreshments before Bob Beecham paid a brief tribute to Andrew Whyte. At this point Bob held the raffle and the auction of a Stuart Spencer painting of a Lightweight Jaguar E-Type signed by those involved in the project. All this increased the funds raised for charity by this event. Following this we moved to the present and the new Jaguar XE saloon.

The Jaguar XE project was introduced by Nick Miller who explained the background to the car and how it has been developed. The car will be one of the most efficient in the world using more aluminium and newly designed diesel engines together with petrol versions. Externally it is low, yet still has a roomy interior cabin filled with many advanced features.  The car will be produced in Solihull at the largest aluminium plant in Europe which has 613 robots and when production starts the plant will be able to produce a car in 78 seconds!

To finish, Quentin Wilson provided a background to his love of Jaguar cars which arose from meeting Andrew Whyte after he had entered a Jaguar competition. He was invited to the factory, arrived in a Daimler 250 SP and met Andrew who admired the car. They then built up a friendship over many years.

Over the years, Quentin has met many of those involved with Jaguar, all who have been friendly and helpful. He has also driven and tested many Jaguars and knows that Jaguar values the honest opinion of their products. He thinks Jaguar is unique in the world of cars and says that the cars are created by people – robots do not make cars – people do.

To finish Brian Ekin paid tribute to Jaguar’s Nick Scheele who had died in 2014, and thanked Bob and the speakers who had made this a memorable day for us Jaguar enthusiasts.


The Toy Jaguar Book by Michael Driver


The history of these famous cars can be explored through The Toy Jaguar Book. The book illustrates Jaguar cars through the many toys and models produced by manufacturers throughout the world.  It captures the essence of Jaguar sports cars and saloons in all their shapes and sizes including variations of the SS Jaguars, the XK120, the E-Type, the XJ6 and many, many more models of Jaguars. All shapes and sizes are covered from tiny plastic Jaguars to accurate scale models of Jaguars. There are die-cast, tin plate, plastic, white metal and resin models of Jaguars and even ones made in chocolate.

The book contains over 2000 photographs in full colour showing the many variations of these miniature Jaguars and includes archive pictures from Jaguars history. There are also lists and details at the back of the book to help identify Jaguar toys and models.


About The Toy Jaguar Book
The introduction to the book provides a short guide on collecting, what to look for, how to identify the models and also a brief history of the Jaguar company. At the start of each chapter there is a brief history and photograph of the ‘real’ car which provides a background to the miniature versions shown and described.

Within the chapters the models are divided into sections by material i.e. die-cast, tin plate, plastic and other materials which include white metal and resin. These sections are then sub-divided into further sections by size – small, medium or large models.

The forward to the book provides a link with Jaguar
The forward to the book is provided by Michael Quinn, the grandson of Sir William Lyons, the founder of Jaguar. Michael grew up surrounded by all sizes of Jaguars and is still enthralled by them.

About the Author
Michael Driver has been a lifelong toy collector. His passion includes cars and commercial vehicles by Dinky Toys, Corgi Toys, Matchbox and many other companies. Over the years Jaguar models and Jaguar ephemera have become a major aspect of his collecting. He also has an interest in ‘real’ Jaguars and Jaguar related ephemera. He is a regular contributor to a number of model and Jaguar magazines.

This book is Michaels’ homage to all the ‘real’ cars produced by Jaguar over many years though the miniature versions of toys and models. This is an essential book for all lovers of Jaguars and provides a fascinating insight into the Jaguar marque. Whether you own a Jaguar, collect the models or want to find out more about these famous cars this book will be of interest.


The Toy Jaguar Book is available from Lindholm Forres Books

Publisher: Lindholm Forres Publishing Ltd

Format: Hardback 324 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9569591-0-2

Price £55.00 plus signed for post & packing


This is a Limited Edition of 500 copies signed by the author


For further details please contact –

Michael Driver

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