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Stewart Miller & Peter James Insurance

Peter James Insurance

Specialist Vehicle and Multi Vehicle

Peter James Insurance is the UK’s leading Specialist Vehicle and Multi Vehicle Insurance Broker.  After 37 years of serving the classic car movement, we know precisely how to advise and protect all your precious belongings.

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Stewart Miller Insurance

Commercial, Personal and Household

Stewart Miller Insurance, founded 38 years ago, has been built on the finest traditional values of personal service, advice and expertise which today enables us to provide all our clients with Commercial, Personal and Household Insurance tailored to their specific requirements.

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Multi Vehicles – One Policy 

Peter James Insurance and Stewart Miller Insurance are pleased to introduce their Multi Vehicle Insurance arrangement which offers one policy and one renewal date – Ideal for all Jaguar Drivers. “Whatever the mix of your classic and modern car collection” writes Peter James, “However many cars you own, whenever you want to use them and whichever you want to drive that day, our Multi Vehicle cover will insure all the vehicles in your collection. For your convenience, every vehicle is insured individually within one policy with one renewal date and one overall competitive premium. Your policy starts with one vehicle then additional vehicles are added as they become due for renewal bringing your policy round to a single renewal date. All policies include limited or unlimited mileage, breakdown recovery and motor legal expenses.

May I invite all Jaguar owners to give us a call, we will be delighted to hear from you to discuss all your Insurance requirements. Let us protect you, your family and all your precious belongings. We really are the enthusiasts’ Insurance Broker and we’re always here to help.”

Peter James Insurance Stewart Miller Insurance
Specialist Vehicle & Multi Vehicle Commercial, Personal & Household
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In Praise of Peter James Insurance

by JEC Vice Chairman, Peter Purdom

They say that you only find out how good your insurance is when something goes wrong! Well unfortunately on two separate occasions last year I had to find out for myself and one of the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club insurers (Peter James) came up trumps.

The first incident occurred the day before we were leaving for France on holiday. A call from my wife Angie informed me that someone, not paying attention, had driven into the back of her car when she had to pull up at a road junction. There was a significant amount of damage to both cars and for Angie’s Mini Clubman, the damage included the rear bumper and support structure, both rear doors and lights.

A call to the insurers followed with them assuring us that they would take responsibility for the claim and for arranging repairs to the vehicle. “The problem is we are leaving on holiday at lunchtime tomorrow” I explained, “Not a problem” I was assured, “We will have a pickup truck to collect your car from your home in the morning.” So as we were finishing packing the following morning the truck duly arrived and took the car away.

As planned, we left in the XJS for Portsmouth in the afternoon to take the ferry. The following day we were travelling down one of those lovely French ‘A’ roads (well actually an ‘N’ road), just approaching the Chartres from the North when I noticed the rev counter behaving erratically and I realised that I was losing drive. I pulled into a layby and on getting out of the car noticed a tell-tale trail of fluid on the ground. On inspection it was clear that the high-pressure hydraulic pipe to the cooler had ruptured and that we were definitively broken down. So I called those nice people at Peter James (their insurance cover also includes breakdown assistance in UK and Europe). I wondered whether I should start the conversation with “It’s me again!”

Anyway, within half an hour of my call we had been collected by a recovery vehicle and taken to the Jaguar dealership in the city. My diagnosis was confirmed, but of course they had no spare in-store, nor for that matter was there one available in France. So this time a call to SNG Barratt who confirmed availability, together with the necessary seals, and agreed on dispatch by UPS that afternoon.

The problem was that “That afternoon” happened to be a Friday and we were due in the South of France by Saturday evening with a stop already arranged for Friday night. So there was another call to Peter James and they confirmed that they would get a hire car to us as quickly as possible (also covered under the policy) – it arrived twenty minutes later. So in all, from the time that we made the first call, to driving away in a hire car was probably only two hours.

The XJS was repaired by the Tuesday and we were able to pick it up again on our way back north. We arrived home ten days later and the following morning the Mini was returned to us looking as if it was fresh from the showroom.

The saying is right – you only find out how good your insurance is when something goes wrong (or in our case two things go wrong) – thank you Peter James – great job!

Reproduced from an article which first appeared in the May 2014 edtion of The Jaguar Enthusiast magazine


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