Just XJS – Who are they, what do they do


Just XJS specialise in the care of the whole XJS range from 1975 to 1996.

Just XJS is owned by Andy Harvey, who has regularly contributed technical features on XJS problems to Xclusively Jaguar News, since 2009.

I discovered Andy Harvey back in 2009, while searching the internet for used Jaguar parts. He was a lot more helpful and knowledgeable than the majority of people selling Jaguar parts on ebay.  Impressed by his knowledge, enthusiasm, general attitude, great sense of humour and aptitude for writing lyrical emails, I asked him if he would consider putting some of his knowledge in writing and sharing it with readers of Xclusively Jaguar News. This he agreed to do, fortunately, and we ran a complete series on restoring the XJS, entitled Where the XJS Rusts and Why – Another series followed on the restoration of a particular XJS, owned by Andy at the time, and entitled Long, Lean, Green ‘n’ Mean

Following this series, Andy then took the plunge and went into business, breaking and restoring XJ-S’s full time, which left him no time to continue writing. We hope that as things progress, and Andy’s new business thrives and prospers, he may in future be able to delegate some of his workload and resume his writing.

In the meantime, if you have any XJS problems or used parts requirements, and you need someone sensible and knowledgeable to discuss them with, please do not hesitate to contact Andy. Contact details are given below, at the end of this page.


To contact Just XJS phone Andy Harvey on 07940 998199 or email Just XJS

For more information, visit Just XJS