Jaguar (JEC) Racing – Brands Hatch – 28th June 2014

Vredestein XK Challenge
Report by Roger Gage
Pictures by Nick and Roger Gage


The race started on a track left slippery by oil and torrential rain


Race One

Once again the XKs were to compete within the AMOC race for ‘Sports Cars from the ‘50s’ making up nearly fifty percent of a full grid of thirty cars on the shorter Indy circuit. On a dry qualifying track, John Burton was the quickest of the Jaguars in seventh place overall, ahead by a tenth of ex-XK racer Brian Arculusin an Elite, and then a block of XK’s who were covered by a single second.

The afternoon race was preceded by an hour of torrential rain during which racing had been suspended, but the race still started with the track wet and slippery from the oil of earlier races. An Aston GT4 led off the line as Ian Mills made a great start to lead the Jaguars into the first bend, later falling back slightly but still securing an excellent third place. Burton made a slow start and trailed behind Chris Keith-Lucas, Mark Donnor and Paul Kennelly.

With truly difficult track conditions, a number of cars made excursions beyond track limits. Siamak Siassi and Andy Keith-Lucas had a great battle through the race, both drivers showing secure car control, whilst Chris Keith-Lucas lost second gear, but managed the problem well with a steady drive to finish second of the Jaguars.

However, as the circuit began to dry, Burton was unleashed, making his way first to the front of the Jaguars, and then setting about the lead pack. The second half of the race saw an intense tussle between six cars of different makes repeatedly swapping places in the fight for second place overall, and which saw an Allard J2, starting from the back of the grid, coming right through the field to head this group to the flag. Burton’s drive was exceptional, finishing fourth overall ahead of the Elite, a Cooper bobtail and a very quick Maserati 200S, and for this John was awarded the trophy for ”Drive Of The Day”.

Chris Keith-Lucas, challenged by John Burton, who eventually took ‘Drive of the Day’


Results First Second Third
Overall John Burton Chris Keith-Lucas Ian Mills
Class A Chris Scholey


JEC Racing

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