XK Touch Screen Failure

This item first appeared in the February 2014 issue of The Jaguar Enthusiast


New XK Touch Screen Failure

As an owner of a beautiful 2008 XKR I am frustrated by a recurring problem with the central touch screen. This has been freezing with the Jaguar logo on it and therefore I have been unable to access any other services e.g. radio, phone, sat nav etc.

Until recently I have been able to restore the home page by switching off the engine, then going and making a cup of tea by which time when restarting the car, all works fine. However, it has now frozen and will not return to the home screen. I have tried disconnecting the battery and powering the car down, then reversing the process without any success.

Having taken the car back to the main dealer where I bought it from, they inform me that the screen needs replacing at a cost of £1193.74 + VAT! Consulting various websites it seems that this is a common problem and my question is, is this the only fix or does anyone know of a cheaper alternative?

I fully expect cars to wear out such items as tyres, brakes, exhausts etc, but not to have to replace a touch screen on what is a quality car and not a very old one at that.

Can anyone help?

Brian Cartland


Mike Horlor (JEC XK Forum Co-ordinator) comments:

To the best of my knowledge, touch screen failure is not a common problem on the XK. However, there is a known issue about the positioning of the touch screen in its frame.

In order to operate properly there must be a gap of 0.8mm between the touch screen and its metal bezel. If, over time, the touch screen has been disturbed or its fixings have loosened, it is possible for this gap to have disappeared. You can check the gap by folding over a piece of paper twice and trying to slide it around the periphery of the screen. Without a gap, the touch screen takes inputs from contacts with the bezel. The symptoms are the screen freezing and possible changes of screen without driver input.

If you are unsure about checking this possibility yourself, I would advise contacting XJK, the independent Jaguar specialists in Stoke on Trent (who offer their technical advice to Jaguar Enthusiast Club members free of charge), to ask them for their opinion on whether the touch screen requires replacement. XJK have dealer level diagnostic equipment and just as importantly, they have staff well qualified in its use.


The final outcome from Brian:-

Many thanks for pointing me in the direction of XJK in Stoke on Trent, they have been brilliant.

After my initial contact with yourself and faced with the prospect of a new touch screen for my XKR at nearly £1200, I contacted XJK and spoke to Ian Kelsall who was extremely helpful. He suggested I pop the car in for a quick look as he felt they might just be able to cure the frozen screen, which was just showing the leaping Jaguar image and nothing else, it not allowing me access to the radio, sat nav, phone or any other function relating to the screen.

I duly popped in to see them on my way up north to a business appointment and Ian checked the screen and fibre optic circuits.

He felt that if he could have the car for a few hours then he may be able to cure the problem. I booked the car in and a few days later turned up at Stoke where he connected it up to his computer for what he called a software enhancement, which he said would take just a couple of hours.

When I returned he asked if I could hear something? It was the radio playing. He had got everything working and once again I had got all the functions of the touch screen available to me. I could even change the clock which I hadn’t been able to do since the winter time schedule had gone back!

The whole team and in particular Ian at XJK have been extremely helpful and their customer service is of the highest order. I would recommend anyone who wants the best service and technical support for their Jaguar to give them a try!


XJK Independent Jaguar Specialists

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