Collecting Jaguar Scale Models – Autumn 2014 Update

Just to bring all of you Model Collectors up to date with news on the recently released Jaguar models and some models listed for release soon.

Oxford Diecast have now released in 1/76 scale the following models. Jaguar XK in White and Jaguar XK in Rhodium Silver, Jaguar XKR-S in Blue and XKR-S in Italian Racing Red, Jaguar XJ saloon in Dark Grey and XJ in Crystal Blue, Jaguar XF saloon in British Racing Green and XF saloon in Maroon, Jaguar F-Type open top in White, one in black with a black soft top and F-Type open top in Firesand. Along with these models Oxford have brought out a 5 piece Jaguar set incorporating one of each of the aforementioned models, and due out in 1/76 scale also is a 2 piece set of an E-Type and a F-Type together. These 1/76 scale models are the small scale models that some collectors buy to go with Model Railway layouts. In 1/43 scale there is due out soon a Jaguar E-Type V12 SIII Coupe in Light Blue, along with a model of the Jaguar Mk Vll, 1952, Silverstone race car of Stirling Moss.

I now have in stock the NEO 1/18 scale model of the 1961 RHD Jaguar Mk 10 in dark blue. The NEO models are made of resin and do not have any opening parts, i.e. Bonnet and doors etc. unlike other models like Auto Art where near enough everything opens. The model of the Mk 10 does have an issue with it, in that it has been produced with no Jaguar Leaper on the front of the bonnet, and on the rear boot lid they have marked the car up with a transfer, as a Jaguar 420G. Apart these two minor faults it is a very good model of the Mk 10, and a lot of the models I have had in have been sold. I have raised these points with the Managing Director of the company who owns NEO and he is looking into the matter with the Engineering people. Apparently you need a Licence or Authority from Jaguar before you put a Jaguar Leaper on a model car, and the NEO models, I understand have no Licence from Jaguar, they are just manufactured and released by NEO along with many other diecast model makers.

In 1/43 scale there is the new NEO model of the Jaguar S-Type saloon, 2004. This model was listed as being dark green, but I think they have changed the colour to blue. I have not got my stock in yet, but should have the models during the next couple of weeks.

I am still awaiting the arrival of the 1/18 scale Auto Art models of the Jaguar XKR-S, 2011, in French Racing Blue and Italian Racing Red. These were due for release at the beginning of September.

Paragon models, the company that brought out the Jaguar XJ6, S1 2.8 1971 saloon in Regency Red and the XJ6 S1 4.2 1968 saloon in Brown earlier this year, have brought out four more 1/18 scale models. They are a Daimler 250 V8 1967, RHD in Regency Maroon and a saloon in Black, a Jaguar Mkll 3.8 1962 RHD saloon in Opalescent Silver Blue, and a Jaguar Mk ll 3.4 1962, RHD saloon in British Racing Green/Black. Paragon is the company that took over from Model Icons, who earlier produced the Mk ll saloons, the three Police Jaguars and the two Mk ll Racing Jaguar saloons.

I still have some 1/43 scale models by Matrix, who brought out the Jaguar Ghia XK120, 1954 Supersonic in Maroon and blue metallic.  They also brought out a model of the Jaguar E-Type Sll Roadster 1970 in gold metallic, of which I have a few left, and have now released the Coupe version in metallic blue. Apart from the early Auto Art models of the SII E-Types, Matrix is the only company to date that has produced a good 1/43 scale model of the Sll E-Type.

I now have in stock a model of the Jaguar Mk7, 1952 Touring Car, #30, that Stirling Moss drove to 1st place at Silverstone. These 1/43 scale models by IXO are selling well. The F-Type’s released recently in white, red and black in 1/43 scale by Premier X are still a good seller and I have some models left. There is news of a further two models coming out of the F-Type Coupe version in two different colours. More news when I have a release date.

As some of you may or may not know, a company called SPARK, who make resin models, F1 cars, Le Mans cars, Jaguars and various other car makes are becoming very difficult to get hold of now, since Spark stopped importing to wholesalers in this country. There are one or two distributors, Diecast Legends being one, that are still able to get the models, but my original supplier for Spark Jaguars cannot now get hold of them. However I have managed to sort a supplier abroad for Spark Jaguars, a result of which I have ordered the new releases of Jaguars. Some of the models have started to filter in now, but it is slow waiting for the models to land on my doorstep. As some of these models have been out for sometime now I am still hoping to get hold of a number of each model listed. One of the Spark models sought after by collectors is the Jaguar SS100 1938 Roadster and Coupe, of which I have had many enquiries about. I already have a waiting list for customers who have reserved this particular model.

I am at present putting some of the latest released models, plus models that have been out for some months now, on the JEC Website, with a little help from the JEC staff in the Club Office, so collectors can view the various models. I hope to have this up and running with the help of others before Christmas.

Any queries or information about models, do contact me. Details in the JEC magazine and on the Xclusively Jaguar website.

I hope to see you all soon at the International Spares Day, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire on Sunday 12 October, and at the NEC Classic Car Show, Birmingham, NEC, 14 – 16 November 2014.

Keith Powell.  Jaguar Diecast Models.

If you have an interest in collecting Jaguar Scale Models, Keith Powell stocks an extensive range of new quality diecast Jaguar models, to various scales, and will be attending the events below, where indicated.

For further details, phone 01933 667358,07739 131178 or email Keith Powell

If your interest in model Jaguars deepens, and you wish to explore the history and availability of obsolete Jaguar scale models, Michael Driver recently published a book entitled “The Toy Jaguar Book” – the perfect accompaniment to this hobby! Michael also has a small stock of obsolete Jaguar scale models for sale, and will be at the events below, where indicated.

For further details, phone 020 7243 2149 or email Michael Driver

Other dealers in new and used Jaguar Scale Models and Automobilia are listed below.

Date Venue Keith Powell will be attending Michael Driver will be attending
12-Oct-14 Jaguar Spares Day YES
14/16-Nov-14 Classic Motor Show, NEC Birmingham YES
30-Nov-14 Toy Fair, Donnington Park YES
27-Dec-14 Toy Fair, NEC Birmingham YES


Further updates on attendance at next years events and latest Jaguar scale model releases, and will follow in due course.


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Lindholm Forres Books is a small specialist publisher producing books about collecting. Its first book was the Toy Jaguar Book which is the history of Jaguar cars through toys and models. We are shortly to launch a book on Collecting History which is a personal view looking at collecting toys and models from WW II to the present day. Other titles are on the way. For further details contact Michael Driver.

Lindholm Forres Publishing Limited
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Keith Powell specialises in new diecast Jaguar scale models and has a large stock from top manufacturers, such as, Auto Art, Spark, NEO, Oxford Die Cast and Minichamps. All scales in stock, including 1/76, 1/32, 1/43, 1/24 and 1/18. Contact Keith for details of new releases, mail order sales, or a list of future events he will be attending.

Keith Powell
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Italian Miniatures Despite the name, we sell all sorts of products related to classic cars, including Jaguar, and ranging from clothing, stickers, decals, books, posters and models to long since forgotten new items from the Jaguar catalogues which are no longer available via the usual routes. The web link below will take you directly to the Jaguar products on offer.

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