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From 1978 until 2011 Gil Keane ran a specialist fitting centre in Birmingham called Quicksilver Automotive. The USP was that whatever customers wanted to achieve in the way of an upgrade to their cars, Quicksilver would make it happen. Initially, this took in bodywork and mechanical work as well as anything electrical or electronic. Eventually, this narrowed down to just the electrical and electronic aspects.

The privilege of having such a wide variety of superb cars to work on created a vast cache of knowledge, but there was never time to do anything other than file it away for future use. When Gil closed down the fitting centre in 2011 to concentrate on Better Car Lighting, it was to use this bank of knowledge to:-

1. Design a range of LED bulbs for both positive and negative earth cars to reduce the load on feeble electrical systems, but which do the job better than conventional bulbs.

2. Use the latest LED technology to allow classic cars to enjoy lighting as good as new cars in all areas.

3. Use the same technology to make classic cars safer to use on public roads – to tackle the “invisibility” factor.

4. Listen to classic car enthusiasts and professional restorers and to address what they saw as problem areas in classic car lighting.

5. Use customer feedback to fuel a constant product improvement programme.

6. Use creative thinking to find new solutions to old problems.

Since March 2014, a move to new and spacious premises in the Warwickshire village of Broom has made it easier to achieve at least some of the above.


Available Products Include:

Jaguar XJ-S Dashboard and Instrumentation Lighting

New 382 Stop/Tail light LED Bulb Set

Daytime running lights for classic cars

High power LED reversing lights for classic cars

Budget security for classic cars

Effective lighting for classic dashboards

New LED upgrade for H2 halogen bulbs

Jaguar XK8 high power side lights


4Sight Visionary Lighting (www.bettercarlighting.co.uk)

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