Daytime Running Lights for Classic Cars

4Sight Visionary Lighting have been working on lighting for classic cars for many years but feel that their kits for fitting Daytime Running Lights to classic cars may prove to be the most important thing they have ever done.

Most of us have become increasingly aware that driving a classic may be fun but it is many times more dangerous than driving a new car. Airbags and crumple zones make a huge difference, but since the standardisation of daytime running lights on new cars, incidences of head-on collisions have fallen dramatically – for them. In a classic you are virtually invisible, but who wants a string of fairy lights across the front of our beloved classic?

This kit is well tried and tested and easy to fit and solves the problem. Without spoiling the character and appearance of a classic, you can enjoy the high visibility benefits enjoyed by new cars.



4Sight Visionary Lighting

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