Forthcoming Safety Campaigns at XJK Independent Jaguar Specialist

October 2013 is National Tyre Safety Month  XJK will be extending this into November, to coincide with their BRIGHT DAY on 22nd November, which is part of Road Safety Week

XJK will offer Tyre and Brake Safety Checks free of charge throughout October and November 2013.

Safe Tyres Save Lives
As the weather starts to take a turn for the worse, our free tyre safety checks are designed to be a real life saver. Many drivers simply do not know what to look for or just can’t seem to find the time, so this will be a great way to give them some peace of mind.   

Email Service Reception or phone 01782 613434 to arrange your booking.

XJK Bright Day
Everyone at XJK will wear something ‘Crazily’ bright and make a cash donation for Brake (the road safety charity) to raise awareness of the 118 people killed or hurt on foot or bikes every day on British roads, and the importance of being seen and driving slowly.

The XJK Bright Day will include a safety presentation, quiz, small buffet and raffle draw with prizes presented by Jaguar Heritage and other sponsors.

FREE Tyre and Brake Winter Safety Check
XJK aims to help drivers stay safe on the roads this winter, and their check includes:
•    Inspections to ensure that the tyres are inflated to the correct pressures
•    Inspections to ensure that the tyres meet the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm
•    Inspections to ensure that the tyres are in a safe and roadworthy condition
•    Brake check
•    Wheel alignment check

The Tyre Safety campaign aims to:
•    encourage drivers to check their tyre pressures regularly
•    raise awareness of the importance of correct wheel alignment

A few facts about Wheel Alignment and Tracking
XJK Limited operate fully calibrated Pro-Align equipment, and are the only alignment member of TyreSafe making them Staffordshire’s No. 1 for Wheel Alignment and Tracking. They have the latest state of the art HD Camera Alignment System, which allows them to adjust any make and model and they receive all the latest data and updates from all manufacturers, making XJK Limited a premier Alignment Specialist. Their service to you includes a full technical computer data⁄analysis report before and after alignment.

The Alignment System reduces constant tyre wear, excessive suspension component wear, increased positive steering and saves fuel consumption, not forgetting helping your vehicle improve its carbon footprint.

Misalignment causes tyres to scrub along the road surface as the wheels rotate, leading to increased tyre  wear, higher fuel bills and reduced safety as drivers become distracted by vehicle pull or drift issues.

If you have any questions about the wheel alignment on your vehicle please email XJK or phone the XJK service team on 01782 613434



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All information correct at time of publishing.