JEC Racing – XK’s at Silverstone


JEC Racing – Vredestein XK Jaguar Challenge

Silverstone – April 6 2013

Report by Roger Gage. Pictures by Chris, Nick and Roger Gage


Neil Watson, sandwiched between …..
  With a new concept in In-Car Entertainment, or perhaps just in an attempt to keep warm, Nigel Webb found that the hot gasses from a leaking exhaust had burnt through the plywood floor of his XK120 and set fire to the passenger seat. Fortunately, this was in qualifying, and he still managed to be second fastest of the XK contingent in this race for Fifties sports cars at a very cold but dry Silverstone. Without the same drama, Andy Moore took front row and John Burton was to start from third.

Kennelly and Beaumont, both new to JEC Racing
  For the new season, we welcomed four new drivers who brought cars that were a credit to their new owners, nicely presented and, since each completed full distance, of proven reliability. All four drivers were to improve through the day, with Paul Kennelly and Rob Pinchbeck in particular, reducing their race lap times by three seconds from qualifying, whilst Rob Francis and Alexis Bouthillier de Beaumont also improved.

Also new to JEC Racing, Rob Francis
  The large field, made up of half XKs and the rest an assortment of Astons, Morgan, Healeys, Lotus and Alfas, was a truly splendid sight. Andy Moore took the lead but was soon relegated to 3rd by Nigel Webb and then John Burton, with new man Rob Francis in close touch in 4th.

Ian Mills, mobbed by a Morgan!
  As the race progressed, there were a number of battles both between XKs and with other marques; Steve Skipworth with a Healey, the Watson, Bouthillier, Kennelly cars locked together, Ian Mills mobbed by a Morgan and another Healey, whilst Paul Chase-Gardener in the only class A car (road going, 3.4 engine, drum brakes) made steady progress ahead of some rather more modified cars and Neil Watson resumed last year’s tussle with a 1937 Aston two seater.

Siamak Siassi, Driver of the Day!
  Siamak Siassi also made real progress as he learnt his new car, starting eleventh, moving up to finish fifth overall and taking the “Driver Of The Day” award. Towards the end, Moore was closing again on Webb but just ran out of laps, whilst Francis spun at Aintree a couple of laps from the finish whilst trying to pressure Siassi and dropped five places.

A number of drivers had entered as “invitees” and so the results for Challenge positions are a little different, as follows:

Results First Second Third
Class C John Burton Steve Skipworth Andy Keith-Lucas
Class B Rob Pinchbeck    
Class A Paul Chase-Gardener    
Inc. Invitees Nigel Webb Andy Moore John Burton


All information correct at time of publishing.


JEC Racing

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