Peter Leake Jaguar Lectures – 2014

Since taking ‘early retirement’ from Jaguar Cars in 2012, Peter Leake, former “Dealer Training Manager”, has been frantically busy as a self-employed trainer and presenter, and found himself doing more and more Jaguar lectures.

Peter would like to thank all of you who took up the challenge of having him come and deliver one of his Jaguar talks to you in 2013. He says he has thoroughly enjoyed it and is now planning his schedule of lectures for 2014. The enthusiasm of all those he met last year was a joy, and demonstrates the fondness with which Jaguar is held by so many motoring enthusiasts!

Peter is now putting together a new talk, entitled – “Sir William Lyons – The Man behind the Legend”, and wants to meet with Michael Quinn, Sir William’s grandson, first to discuss it but has given the ‘rough’ copy an airing and the response was fantastic, so as and when he has the thumbs-up from Michael, he will let us know!

Peter charges a nominal fee for his lectures, which has not gone up from last year, and so represents even better value! Full details are available from Peter via the contact information below.

Listed below are the lectures available for 2014, all of which run between 1 hour 15 mins, up to 1 hour 45 mins, depending on audience involvement which Peter heartily encourages!

  • The History of Jaguar
  • The Story of the XJS
  • Jaguar – The Evolution of Technologies
  • The Story of the XF
  • The Story of the XJ
  • Jaguar – A Racing Heart
  • Jaguar – The Le Mans Years
  • The Jaguar E-Type – Story of the Legend

Another new talk in the pipeline, is the development of the original XK8, code named X100, so something extra to look forward to!

If your group requires a good evening with stories of Jaguar, arguably one of the most famous car marques in the world, then this is for you!

In 2013 Peter delivered over double the number of talks he had done in previous years, and 2014 is already starting to fill, so please let him know soon if he can be of help, and he will ensure you get the very best ‘Peter Leake Experience’!!

Peter Leake
Tel: 02476 405035
Mobile: 07889 864766
E-mail: Peter Leake


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