Brucie’s Diary: March 2017

Current mileage: 168,924

Letitia Mace - first drive in the new Jaguar F-type

Towards the end of last year, I was approached by a Motoring Journalist who wanted to do a feature on my involvement with Jaguars as a hobby and a business. This was recently published and can be seen here: Letitia’s love of Big Cats becomes thriving business




David Marks Garages

Brucie and Opium both celebrated birthdays in March. Brucie was 20 on the 10th and celebrated his birthday at David Marks Garages where he is having a general tidy up in readiness for the Royal Windsor Jaguar Festival in May. Arriving at David Marks on 24th February, a substantial amount of work was completed within the month, and Brucie is now due to be collected.

The next issue of Brucie’s Diary will be a detailed report on the work done at David Marks Garages, Camamile and Hay Body Repairs, and GB Classic Trim.



Letitia Mace and E264OMP (Opium)

Meanwhile, Opium came out of hibernation for just long enough to pass her MOT with no advisories on 2nd March 2017, and then went back to bed!

Depending on when you read this, she will (or did) celebrate her 29th birthday on 31st March and I celebrated being her owner for a year, on 19th March 2017.


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