February 2017 News Round Up

Irwin and Michael Jewell's 1933 SS1


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This month’s cover picture features Irwin Jewell (2nd from left) at Buckingham Palace with his son Michael (3rd from left) and his 1933 SS1 Coupe. The car had been in Irwin’s family since 1937, and in 2009 was the subject of a meticulous restoration by Wildae Restorations, Knowle, North Devon. It was rightly Irwin’s pride and joy, a deserving multi concours winner which featured in many Jaguar parades and static displays. Irwin was a devoted Jaguar enthusiast, a gentleman and dear friend, who passed away in January, aged 90.



1996 Ex California Jaguar XJS lhd 2+2 Convertible

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Jaguar XJS



Stirling Moss - The Definitive Biography, Volume 1 Stirling Moss – The Definitive Biography
Porter Press International - The Le Mans Model Collection The Le Mans Model Collection



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Tony Merrygold joins Jaguar Heritage: Further to last month’s update relating the news that Jonathan Partridge would be leaving Jaguar Heritage, we would now like to welcome Tony Merrygold, who will be taking Jonathann’s place and assures me that he will continue to produce ‘The Trust’ ….. so look forward to seeing the next issue once Tony has settled into his new role!

Tony Merrygold

Vehicle Collections Manager


07802 455 217

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XK70 Preliminary Announcement: In 2018 the Jaguar XK will celebrate its 70th anniversary. On the weekend of June 9/10, the International Jaguar XK Club will be holding XK70 with XK 120s, XK 140s and XK 150s attending from all over the world. In 2008, the XK Club organised XK60 and assembled over 600 XKs. For XK70, the target is 700!

All Jaguars, and especially all XK-engined Jaguars, will be welcome at Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb in the UK Midlands. The most famous British hillclimb, Shelsley is the oldest motorsport track in the worldstill in use. Launched at the Earl’s Court Motor Show in 1948, the XK 120 was the world’s fastest production car and became the darling of Hollywood stars. It helped launch the careers of Sir Stirling Moss and America’s first World Champion, Phil Hill.

The 12-day XK70 Tour starts on the Monday following the XK70 celebrations at Shelsley Walsh.

This event takes place in 2018 and is not to be confused with the XK Round Britain Coastal Drive which takes place in 2017.

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January 2017 News from Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club Shropshire and Welsh Borders Region sent courtesy of David Bates
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January 2017 News from Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club South Wales Region sent courtesy of Colin Manconi
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Looking Back ….. Jaguar Heritage News: November 2011 – this post first appeared in Xclusively Jaguar News – November 2011 and has now been updated with new information
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