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In the words of those who were there ……..


Classic and Sportscar report on Royal Windsor Jaguar Festival

Hundreds of Classic Jaguars flock to enormous Windsor gathering

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Paul Keating gives an interesting account of the weekend, from the perspective of a parade entrant and marshal …..

Jaguar XJ40 Sovereign Majestic at Windsor

A Majestic Weekend at Windsor


Royal Windsor Jaguar Festival was a one-off event which stemmed from a conversation between Andrew Panter (Prince Philip Trust Committee Member/Patron) and myself (Letitia Mace) in 2013, as detailed in Brucie’s Diary: May 2017

Despite the hopes and assumptions of some, the event was a one-off, once in a lifetime experience, and extremely unlikely ever to be repeated, so count yourself as highly privileged if you were there – it entailed 4 separate organizations negotiating together, and crutially with Royalty, over a period of 4 years, to acheive the final and glorious outcome!

Rob Jenner and I were two of the 650 fortunate people who enjoyed a champagne reception in Windsor Castle with Prince Edward and only 250 of us were given the honour of driving our Jaguars through the private grounds of Windsor Castle.

Unsurprisingly then, the internet and social media are swamped with pictures, comments, features and links to videos – we were even featured on the natonal news!

Millers Oils, who sponsored the Windsor Jaguar Parade, arrive for set-up on Friday

Millers Oils, who sponsored the Windsor Jaguar Parade, arrive for set-up on Friday (picture courtesy of Millers Oils)


Our vote of thanks follows, to those members who supported us, and also to Michael Quinn.


To all Windsor Parade Entrants

Its taken a few days to wind down and assess what we actually achieved at Windsor, almost three years in the planning by a small bunch of willing volunteers who gave so much time and effort to make it work, but from Letitia and I a very special thank you for taking part in the parade, to those who bought cars from many miles away, over the water, including the Isle of Wight, those of you who slaved to get your cars ready right to the very last, 3.00am that morning in one case. Thank you for turning up as and when requested and obeying and listening to the marshals, in most cases!!, for the long wait, I apologise but security was paramount with what you were about to do, I hope you all enjoyed your once in a lifetime opportunity, you were one of a small number of people who have done this

Photographs will be  available on the JEC website, but in the mean time search you tube and face book for a huge number of video clips, there is one you tube video of the whole parade here:

Royal Windsor Jaguar Parade

(There is a whole selection of you tube videos featuring the Royal Windsor Jaguar Parade – the list will appear on the you tube page when you watch the video above).

Rob Jenner and Letitia Mace

XJ13, the one-off 1966 prototype race car arrives at Windsor, ready for the Jaguar Parade

XJ13, the one-off 1966 prototype race car arrives at Windsor, ready for the Jaguar Parade


To Michael Quinn …..

Your request to lead the parade in XJ13 was inspired, I wish I had thought of it, standing on Windsor Town Hall balcony, with the throng around me, with Tony O’Keeffe as my co-commentator, the hush waiting for a 1929 Swallow to show up was amazing, I knew what was going to happen, but no one else did, then, it happened, you appeared at speed with Graham riding shotgun, hairs on the back of the neck, tear I the eye, lump in the throat moment was how I felt, so how you felt at the wheel I have no idea, special, very very special, thank you!

XJ13 leads Royal Windsor Jaguar Parade

With our very kindest regards Rob and Letitia

And Michael Quinn’s reply …….

‘it certainly was a proud moment for me and one I shan’t forget in a while. I was very grateful for the opportunity and Mum reckoned Grandpa would have been very pleased.’

Royal Windsor Jaguar Festival 2017 - picture by Chris Gage

The Long Walk – picture courtesy of Chris Gage


Feedback from this event has flooded in at an unprecedented level ….. all good so far!

Here are just a few of the emails we have received!



I just want to add my own thanks to that of Peter’s for the tireless effort and support of yourselves and in many case your partners ( please pass on my thanks to them as well) in making the weekend at Windsor a wonderful experience for so many of our members and the general public.  It was a real team effort and there is no doubt in my mind that 2 years of planning pretty much paid off.  As Peter has said already I hope you had a chance to enjoy a little of it, I have never had so many people come up to me during and after saying what a fantastic time they had had, many of those being the wives of our members.

Congratulations to you all, this will surely be an event none of us will forget.

Best regards,

Ray Searles, JEC Events Chairman

I think this was probably a once in a lifetime event. I don’t think any of us will see another like it. From the Champagne Reception to parking up over 1200 Jaguars everything ran smoothly. I was afraid we would have complaints from the parade cars due to the long queues to park them up but no, they all seemed to realise that security was paramount. Then the icing on the cake was having the Queen ride past on her horse and look over at the cars.

We then finished it off with the festivities at the Racecourse. It all went well.

Thanks to all the marshals and everyone who helped. What an event!


Colin Manconi, Regional Representative JEC South Wales

Good afternoon Rob,

Many thanks for giving us the opportunity to take part in what was a fantastic event.

Once again it was a great weekend.

Thank you

Jamie Ryan, Managing Director Millers Oils – Event Sponsor

My son and I, like many others, were almost overwhelmed by the sheer quality of the event yesterday. This was not only because of the impressive setting and our Royal hosts, but of the way you and your colleagues all performed, and the many complex organisational tasks you must have dealt with over the last 2 years. During the event you had many vital tasks to accomplish, but your manner to the guests was relaxed and interested, and they in turn felt welcome. The security operation too was conducted with good British humour by the staff and police. We had so many frank and friendly conversations with complete strangers, always resulting in an exchange of memorable information.

And thanks again for the new floor in my XJ40 (K840 AJO), which would not have happened in time without your recommendation of Camamile & Hay

I hope you can all relax now, but somehow I think you will have a lot of follow-up to do, so there is no need to reply to this.

Very best wishes,

Chris (Dr. Christopher S. Holmes, PhD, CEng, FIET, Hon. Prof.)

Hi Letitia,

It was great to finally meet you on Saturday. What a fabulous day. Thank you for all the hard work it obviuosly incurred and can you pass our thanks on to anyone else involved in the organisation.

Greatly appreciated!

Martin Lamb Dip. PFS Certs CII (MP & ER)

I just wanted to thank you for a splendid day at Windsor on Saturday – blissfully dry and not hot which suited our first run in the Daimler Avon.

My son Patrick and I really enjoyed being part of the parade and being able to drive through Windsor Castle will be a most memorable first experience in the car. We have some great photos on Facebook which if I can share with you I will…

Please do pass on my thanks to all those involved from JEC for excellent preparation and organization on the day, and importantly ‘faith’ that you could pull an event like this off, and look forward to seeing you at future events later this year, as we grow ever more confident with the car.  It did get a bit hot sitting in traffic and I have a niggly ‘hot fuel’ situation to sort now… – a good test.

very best wishes

Geoff Brighty – Avon Stevens Convertible (link to previous feature?)

Dear Letitia

What a truly remarkable event it was at the weekend and what praise you and all the organisers most thoroughly deserve. I was staggered at the scale of it all and the thousands who turned out to see it. The security arrangements alone were jaw dropping plus closing off the Town, parking everyone, commentary etc etc. I am so in your debt for choosing us to take part in the Parade which was I think a once in a lifetime experience. My wife greatly enjoyed waving from a car at the Prince who also came and chatted to us on Friday. I tried to find you a couple of times before/after the Parade to thank you personally but it was only as we left in convoy under police escort that I saw you waving us off.

You and all the team made this an experience which will stay with us all our lives and for that I cannot thank you enough.

I so hope you had a chance to enjoy it too!

Very best regards

Graham Dickerson

Hi Rob & Letitia,

Just a short note to thank you for all your hard work in organising a very special weekend at Windsor Castle.

A special thank you for including my brother Graham’s MKll in the parade. It made all the difference for us to be parked up in the same area and we met a lot of old friends there from the International trips that we have done in the past including a couple from the first South African trip in 2000. They came up to the car window in the street while we were stopped at the Guild Hall behind your car Letitia, when Rob was commentating on it.

Thanks again,

Alistair & Liz

Dear Rob,

I am lost for words to desribe what Friday evening and the parade mean’t to me. Also to my family, my father was a massive Jag man, 2 x Mk 2’s and a Series II V12. My brother and I were thinking of him a lot over the weekend. It was my privilege to get P500 into shape for the event.

A truely unforgettable experience, thanks again.

See you around the Jaguar world.

Rob Grace

Hi Rob and Letitia,

Just a note to say thanks for all your hard work over the weekend. Helen and myself had a great time, also thanks for your words on the parade. Driving through the castle was very memorable.

Hopefully we should get some good pictures.

Best Regards

Steve and Helen Hunt – Blue X350 Super V8

Thank you to all involved. What a fantastic weekend. Some beautiful cars, great company even ended up shaking hands with royalty. I hope it isn’t a “once in a lifetime” event, but it will take a lot to top it!


Colin & Jenny (number 0010 in the parade)

Dear Helen and ALL THE TEAM

I felt very privileged that I was selected and able to attend the Champagne Reception in St George’s Hall, but “over the moon” to be one of the car’s selected to be in the Parade.

I hope all the fellow enthusiasts who attended last weekend, whether in the parade or on the long walk, appreciate the amount of effort put in by the JEC team, the paperwork alone must have been mammoth but the organisation between the JEC and The Prince Philip Trust, The local Rotary, the local authorities and police security was a huge undertaking. We mustn’t forget the Sponsors who as always do such a sterling job and without whom, I would guess that we would not be able to organise such prestigious events.

I must have been one of the more fortunate as I live in Windsor and travelled about 7 miles, from home to Frogmore parking area, the Parade and return to home at an average of a little over 7 MPG!! That’s a 3 litre S Type for you, crawling along in traffic! but such an enjoyable traffic jam.

Having spoken a few words with Prince Edward this will be one of those events that will always be embedded in the memory as one of life’s “I’m glad I was able to do that” – Certainly a bucket list item without knowing about it beforehand.

Finally, I only know a few faces from the club but I would like to congratulate Rob Jenner for being everywhere in Windsor on Friday and Saturday and I wonder when he ran out of steam? Nigel Thorley for getting the best seat in the house on Saturday for the parade, just shows that a unique knowledge of Jaguars will get you everywhere and finally to Peter Purdom who made himself known to us at the champagne reception and I think tried to say hello to everybody in the room and the following day was chatting to us along the long walk whilst waiting in the security queue. The somewhat protracted security was worth all the waiting for the final result.

To all those I haven’t mentioned by name but I know you were there – Thank You

Kindest regards

Barry Thompson

Hi all,

Just to say what a fabulous weekend Dawn and I had and we very much appreciate all the hard work you did to make this one off event the success it was.

Some things with the Beaumont were not good, but then that is not down to you.

So well done to everyone and thank you very much on behalf of our Dorset Region members that attended.


Barry Heath


Thank you to all and everyone involved for arranging such a wonderful event. I brought my daughter and my Dad came in his 420 and we had an unforgettable day especially the parade.

Thanks again – we all appreciate it.

Paul Upton

Dear Rob, Letitia, Graham, Mike, Vicky, Nigel  and all,

Thank you so much for all your efforts in making this a unique day and event. I now realise just how much you all had to put into this and am grateful to you all.

Sorry if we got a bit testy at times with so much queuing but I guess that was inevitable with 1200 cars.

Thank you all once again,

Alan and Lesley Lovell

What a truly spiffing weekend! Congratulations to all the organisers for what must have been a mammoth and intricate operation. Certainly from my point of view it went swimmingly from the champagne reception where (in order of importance) I had the pleasure of meeting Graham and Rob (first equal) and The Prince (third)! There was certainly no shortage of Pol Roger, although I could have done with more blotting paper!

Saturday went superbly too so far as I was concerned, yes there was a queue to get in but no longer than I expected given the numbers and the security. The marshals were unfailingly friendly and apologetic, the police thorough but polite, the dogs were a bit sniffy though.

The actual parade was a delightful experience and I am grateful to Graham for shoe-horning in a very ordinary Daimler V8 amongst some very august company. I thought John in the Swallow looked unwell when I went over to say hi, little did I realise he had only come out of hospital the day before – what a guy!

Well done everyone, and thanks!

Trevor Kent

Hi All,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for a truly excellent weekend. It was extremely well organised and a pleasure to be a part of.

Here’s to the next one!


Ian and Lynn Lurcock

Firstly Rob, I would like to express my grateful thanks to you and the rest of the team for what was a fantastic weekend in Windsor. It was great to meet you and I appreciate the time trouble and effort put in by everyone and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole spectacle of the event. Everyone from the JEC team and not forgetting Windsor Rotary Club Marshall’s and all the local volunteers who helped bring it all together, should be commended on their first class effort. Even the Police were efficient, friendly and helpful, in spite of such a big task that they faced. Gratefully Yours,

Gordon Quirk – Parade Number 211 (Couldn’t resist that. Very proud of the fact too!! LOL)

Dear Helen,

we have to thank you all very much for a perfectly organised event which was a really amazing experience for us. We came from Dusseldorf/Germany with our Big Saloon MK VII and enjoyed the parade and longwalk after having spend some nice days in Oxfordshire before. We found all people including the security staff and policemen very relaxed.

Best wishes,

Eckard ( Günnewig)

Hi Rob,
What a fantastic weekend! We were so privileged to attend the Champagne Reception and take part in the Parade. This truly was  a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ and we will never forget the thrill of driving through the streets of Windsor lined with people and into the quadrangle of the Castle with HRH Prince Edward and other dignitaries watching on. Have a well deserved rest.Kind regards,Colin Stewart
A big Thank you to all involved! And thank you for the link to Youtube.

We travelled 1.000 miles and 7 contries one way to participate in the Parade. And it was worth every minute. Impressed with the organisation and very pleased with the day. What a display of fabulous Jaguar Cars. The drive through the private area of the Windsor Castle is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that was much appreciated. All the credit to whoever managed to accomplish this.

We happily look forward to the next opportunity to participate in the next major event in the UK organised by JEC.

Again, THANK YOU for a wonderful memory from an exceptional event.

Kind regards

Anders Wiktorsson (Jaguar XJ40)

To all the organisers & helpers of the Windsor weekend.

Sincere thanks for a splendidly organised event.

We only ‘did’ the Saturday, including the Parade and the evening dinner, where we sat near Julian Barratt & his delightful ‘other half’, a great end to an absolutely incredible day.

Yes, getting into Frogmore CC was slow but, if you have ever flown in and out of Tel Aviv, you will appreciate how lengthy security can really be!

It was actually not a chore as other cars were passing by, either side, which made the whole experience a great spectacle and yes, the security was thorough, as should be expected, but carried out in a very pleasant and cheerful manner.

We just loved the parade and were amazed at the numbers of people on the Windsor streets with camera’s ‘at the ready’.

You did a great job, ably assisted by the local Rotary members, and we pass on our heartfelt thanks to you all.

Merlin & Jennifer Allen (P22 MJA)

Member 84163

Many thanks Helen ,Graham , Rob , Letitia and every one else , who made this a truly magical weekend – one my family and I will never forget!

Shaun Dyer

Hello everybody!

Thank you for your mail and the kind words. And please let us say thank you as well. As we’ve taken part in many Events, our JEC’s Royal Windsor event was the best among all others. Perfectly organized, amazing historic location and lots of charming people. This won’t be our last event in GB, although it took us 11 hours for the tour from Münster to Windsor.

I’ve enclosed a few pics, if you’d like to have a look…   😉

Looking Forward for more JEC events in the future.

Kind regards,

Michaela and Marc Timmer


Royal Windsor Jaguar Parade

(There is a whole selection of you tube videos featuring the Royal Windsor Jaguar Parade – the list will appear on the you tube page when you watch the video above).