March 2017 News Round Up

Jaguar XJ40 Press Car D38 BRW


Welcome to the latest Xclusively Jaguar News Round Up!

This month’s cover picture features another picture of D38 BRW which has come to light, and the continuing story of the ‘Dash to Turkey’ in aid of the Zebrugge Disaster Fund will be re-counted in a future issue, as we have now been contacted by one of the drivers of D38 BRW who has numerous pictures and anecdotes relating to the ‘Dash to Turkey’!

As this issue goes out, Rob and I have just returned from a weekend working with David Marks helping to prepare for the Restoration Show Presentation on the JEC stand at the NEC where David Marks will be demonstrating how to change AJ26 and AJ27 V8 Timing Chain Tensioners, relevant to all owners of X308 Jaguar XJ saloons (1997 – 2002).

To prove how easy it is, David and Rob let me loose with workshop tools and a V8 (not a customer’s car, but an engine purchased specifically for use as a demonstrator!) so if I can lift the lid off of a V8 and change the timing chain tensioners, anyone can do it, so come along to the NEC, watch the demo, ask questions, buy the parts at the show, go home and give it a go !!

David will also be demonstrating how to change the water pump, thermostat and housing, on the same V8, which is straightforward , and something else you can consider doing at home with simple tools and no ramp.

Work has now begun on Brucie to prepare him for the Windsor Jaguar Parade in May, and this will be reported on in the next issue of Brucie’s Diary.



1950 Jaguar Mark V 3.5 Manual Saloon

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