October 2017 News Round Up

Seth and Clark with Millers Oils


Welcome to the latest Xclusively Jaguar News Round Up!

Never work with animals or children, I was always warned! ……….. but we did and we got away with it, and as you can see we all had great fun into the bargain! ………. so this months cover picture features my two grandsons recommending Millers Oils while appropriately dressed in their ‘Pistoneeze’ T-shirts.

……. and before anybody questions it, the oil went in a Triumph TR6, not the Jaguar XJ40 XJR pictured here, which takes 10w40

Next month we will report on our trip to Hull where we attended a Millers Oils Seminar and picked up a lot of useful information on how good quality oil will improve the performance and longevity of your Jaguar – or any other car, for that matter!

Millers Oils

 2006 Jaguar XKR 'Stratstone' (one of 30 produced)  

FOR SALE – Pick of the month

2006 Jaguar ‘Stratstone’ 4.2 S

Special Edition – one of only 30 produced!


 Lattice Wheel  


Gustavo Moncayo Baca, DIRECTOR of ITAL LLANTA CIA LTDA, Quito – Ecuador is looking for a set of five 8 x 16 genuine Jaguar Lattice alloys for an XJ40

Part no: CBC 9643, MMB6115AA or MHB6115AA

Please email gustavomoncayo@aol.com





The XJ40 Register has just reached 10,000 and registrar, Paul Keating, notes the following:

* Current car count: 10,066
* Cars active within the UK: 869
* Cars active outwith the UK: 264
* Cars active total: 1,133
* Highest mileage: 326,096 (1994 3.2S)
* Second highest mileage: 321,287 (1988 3.6 Sovereign)
* Manual transmission: 661
* Automatic transmission: 9,405
* Most common spec: XJ6 (base)
* Most common engine: 4.0
* Most common colour: Blue (arctic, westminster, diamond etc)
* Most common MOT failure/cause of scrapping: Corrosion



David Marks did some research on our behalf in response to a question from John Garea in New Zealand, and came up with the following information, which we felt was worth making known to others who may have witnessed the same symptoms:

Fuel gauge issues: XF and XK (2010- 2012)



1996 Daimler Century Register International logo As promised last month, I have now revived my 1996 Daimler Century Register which can be seen HERE
International Jaguar Spares Day Forthcoming Events

Jaguar Spares Day – 8th October 2017

Book title - Jaguar XK120: JWK 651 Recommended Reading

See our Recommended Jaguar Reading List

Jaguar XK120: The remarkable history of JWK 651

Updated monthly!

Sturgess of Leicester Sturgess of Leicesterebay shop

Genuine Jaguar merchandise at hugely reduced prices!

Jaguar Select Follow JS Racing


Dönni Classic Car Logo Dönni Classic Car – Latest News and Offers

Jaguar XK150 for sale at Gstaad auction 29th December 2017

FOR SALE: 1965 E-type Series 1 Drophead for restoration



E-type Club

E-type ClubOctober 2017 magazine OUT NOW! (Members only)

This month’s issue includes Buying an E-type for Restoration’

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Jaguar Magazine Jaguar MagazineLatest News

Edition 188 out now!

Meguiar's Meguiar’s

Cleaning Your Jaguar

Latest News

Porter Press International

Porter Press International Newsletter – August 2017

Porter Press at Goodwood Revival: Rain may have dampened the racetrack, but it failed to dampen race-goers’ spirits. Readers came from far and wide to visit the Porter Press stand, dressed in a splendid array of period clothing, and there was general agreement that a smart trilby, military uniform or wide skirt beat jeans and a jumper any day. 

Stewart Miller & Peter James Insurance Stewart Miller and Peter James InsuranceLatest News

10% discount offer extended to March 2018 !!

XJRestorations For those not yet familiar with XJ Restorations,

here is an introduction


XK Club XK GazetteSeptember 2017 OUT NOW! (Members only)

This month’s issue takes a close look at the XK150

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Xclusively Jaguar logo September 2017 News from Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club Shropshire and Welsh Borders Region sent courtesy of David Bates
Xclusively Jaguar logo August 2017 News from Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club South Wales Region sent courtesy of Colin Manconi
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Brucie’s Diary

Xclusively Jaguar logo Looking Back ….. Jaguar Heritage News: June 2012 – this post first appeared in Xclusively Jaguar News – June 2012 and looks back at the Jaguar Heritage news and events of the day.
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