XJ Coupe Day 2020

Lejog 2018

Following in the tradition of the successful events held at the Mike Hawthorn Museum over successive years, such as Mark 1 Day, Mark 4 to Mark 10/420G Day, XJR Manual Day, to name but a few, this year Nigel Webb is planning an XJ Coupe Day.


XJ Coupe Day

Sunday 27th September 2020

Nigel Webb would like to invite ALL owners of XJ Coupes to a day at his Mike Hawthorn Museum on Sunday 27th September 2020.

This is NOT a club event – it is NOT JEC and it is NOT JDC – it is a personal invitation, open to anyone who owns one of the aforementioned cars and it transcends any car clubs.

Nigel Webb’s Mark 1 Days, held at The Mike Hawthorn Museum over the past few years have become exceedingly popular with record numbers of Mark 1 Jaguars attending on each occasion, so we would like to see a record gathering of XJ Coupes at this event.

The Mike Hawthorn Museum is a private museum and being allowed to visit is considered, by all those who have seen it, a rare privilege. The location is kept confidential, as far as is practicable, and therefore as an acknowledgement of this privilege and assurance of confidentiality, we in turn request your full contact details and a few details about your car to ensure that your interest is genuine and you do own a relevant car.

This also has the advantage that when phone numbers and email addresses get changed (as is often the case) we still have an old fashioned postal address to contact owners by as a last resort.

If you would like to be considered for an invitation, please contact Letitia@exclusively-jaguar.co.uk and further details of venue, directions, local B&B’s, start and finish time, with possible refreshments, entertainment and the attendance of Jaguar personalities etc will all be sent to you in due course.

This event is for XJ Coupe owners and their passengers ONLY. If you do not have an invitation, you will not be allowed entry on the day.

The entry fee is likely to be £10 per car, payable in advance, to raise funds to replace the headstone on Mike Hawthorn’s grave.

Commemorative certificates may be available at £10 each, collected on the day.

The important point is to get the date marked in your diary and make sure your name is on the list!


Lejog 2018

Featured here is one of the XJ Coupe’s that will be attending on the day which belongs to Roger Knight, Jaguar Drivers Club Sales, Media and Marketing Director, and has the distinction of being the only XJ Coupe to take part in, and successfully complete, LEJOG!


Pictures courtesy of Roger Knight