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R.A. Creamer may now have gone, but lives on in spirit through a new company which opens its doors in January 2020.

Named Quinn Lyons after its founder, Michael Quinn, with a respectful nod to his grandfather, Sir William Lyons.

Michael will be working alongside former Creamer colleague, Andrew Hutton, with the aim of continuing to provide the caring and professional service they became renowned for trading as R.A.Creamer, but in bigger, more suitable premises.


Michael Quinn comes from a family steeped in rich motoring heritage; his grandfather was Sir William Lyons, the founder of Jaguar Cars.


Michael’s mother, Patricia was first married to her rally partner Ian Appleyard in 1949. Together they competed in over twenty international rallies in their famous Jaguar XK120 registered NUB 120, culminating in the much coveted first ever Coup des Alps by finishing the Alpine Rally un-penalised three times in a row – in 1950, ‘51, and ‘52. They achieved success in other rallies as well; in the Netherlands they drove to victory in the Tulip Rally in 1951 and a class win in 1952, they won the British RAC Rally in 1951 and 1953 with a 3rd in 1952, and in 1953 finished runner-up in the Monte Carlo Rally. In their final year of competition, they came second overall in the inaugural European Rally Championship of 1953.

With this pedigree it is perhaps no surprise that he has inherited a passion for active participation in the Jaguar legacy. Some of the amazing privileges he has experienced during his association with Jaguar Cars, and as patron of the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust, include racing at Goodwood, Le Mans and Monaco, participating in the annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, pluscountless public demonstrations of Jaguars’ heritage.


Michael is proud to ‘fly the flag’ for Jaguar and is now also a patron of Xclusively Jaguar!





Our focus is on your needs as a Jaguar owner in Central London


Mission Statement:

Derived from RA Creamer & Son Ltd, we were once upon a time the Jaguar and Daimler main dealer for Kensington in central London, and holder of three Royal Warrants for services to the Royal Family. My aim is to continue the same level of service and after-sales care that we strived to achieve then.



Our goal is to provide an efficient, convenient and well priced service that looks after your Jaguar as well as it should be.

Classic jaguars
As an E Type owner myself, and having restored one and race-prepared another, I feel well-positioned to advise on your classic. I also own an XJ6 Series 1 and a 340 saloon.

Current Jaguars
At RA Creamer we supplied new all Jaguar models from 1950 to 2014 so are well-versed in all their charming characteristics.

Other Marques
We are happy to consider any requests for work on other marques. Please call us to discuss.

MOT and other work
While not being a registered MOT station, we will be happy to check over your car before submitting it for its test and keeping you informed of the outcome at all stages.

Service and repairs
Our aim is to provide servicing, repairs and maintenance to Jaguar cars.

Whilst not being an ‘authorised’ Jaguar agent, we have the requisite experience and knowledge to carry out routine servicing on all Jaguars. However, if your car is still under manufacturers’ warranty or covered by a Jaguar Service Plan, then you will need to contact your local Main Dealer.

We are not an accredited DVLA MOT station but will be happy to get this carried out for you, although there may be an additional labour charge levied for this.

We will be happy to discuss your requirements to change car if your current one is in some way no longer appropriate for your needs.

We have a large stock of genuine Jaguar parts. Please contact us to see if we have that elusive part that you have been looking for.



The Team at Quinn Lyons Ltd

Michael Quinn

With over 30 years experience in customer service at Jaguar main dealer RA Creamer in Kensington, Michael is uniquely positioned to anticipate your requirements. Oh, and as grandson of Sir William Lyons, the founder of Jaguar, his passion for all things Jaguar is unrivalled.

Michael joined RA Creamer straight from college in 1986 and took over as Dealer Principal in 2014. During this time he progressed from mechanic, to Service Advisor, to Service Director and finally Managing Director, and in the process built-up a full knowledge and understanding of the company’s strengths. Primarily these stemmed from extensive product knowledge married with the offer of unrivalled excellence in customer service.


Andrew Hutton
Lead Technician

Andrew joined RA Creamer in 1987 and has been working on Jaguars and many others marques ever since.




72 Yewfield Road, London, NW10 9TB



Phone: 020 7937 1275

Email: service@racreamer.co.uk or parts@racreamer.co.uk



R.A. Creamer of Kensington, Jaguar Main Dealer History:

RA Creamer & Son Ltd


RA Creamer traces its roots back to 1927 when it was founded by Roland Albert Creamer. He worked for a local family in Hornton Street as their chauffeur during the day, and conducted a car repair business at night. During the period between the two World Wars the majority of Kensington’s mews were home to small garage businesses, and also several well-known race teams; all were garaging, cleaning, and maintaining cars. It was not uncommon to see chauffeurs cleaning cars at midnight in preparation for the following day’s work.

Roland was a proper mechanic having the necessary skills to make springs, wind armatures, bore cylinders, scrape bearings, panel beat and paint bodies, and carry out many workshop operations unknown today. However having been invalided out of the army in 1941, partly due to his experiences from the First World War, he died a short while later in 1948 at the age of 50.

Roland’s son Sydney was born in 1927, and after de-mobilisation from the RAF after the Second World War, returned to find two Daimler cars in a state of dismantle. His father, confined to his bed upstairs, talked Syd (as he preferred to be known) through the reassembly process and so the ‘Son’ became part of the firm. In the 1950s Syd gradually built-up the business, becoming occasionally distracted designing, building and racing his own Formula Three race cars, and with some race preparation for other clients helping boost revenue. The majority of the leases on the mews properties were released by the Metropolitan Railways in 1953 and it was this that gave Syd the opportunity to quickly expand the business until the point that it covered 14 of the available 34 mews properties in the street. The company was incorporated on 15th October 1956 as ‘Creamer Cars’, changing its name officially on 4th January 1965 to ‘RA Creamer & Son Ltd’.

In 1952 Syd was introduced to the world of Jaguar and became close friends with ‘Lofty’ England, then in charge of the Jaguar dealer network, and, famously, the Jaguar race program. As After-Sales Director at Jaguar Cars ‘Lofty’ appointed Syd as a Jaguar Agent and the association grew. There was a temporary suspension of the relationship when British Leyland took over Jaguar and suspended many of the old dealer agreements, but Syd just carried on as if nothing had changed. Normal relations were resumed under John Egan after a memorable exchange with a customer who had broken down on the Continent. Syd’s typical reaction to “just get the chap back on the road” regardless of payment struck a chord with Egan and demonstrated the commitment Syd had to ensuring the best possible service to the customer.

Syd was extremely proud in 1992 to be honoured for the firm’s service to the Royal Household, with Royal Warrants for Her Majesty The Queen, HM The Queen Mother, and in 1994 for HRH Prince of Wales. Furthermore Syd was personally honoured in 2002 with an MVO.

Upon his death in 2004 Syd left the business in a trust to his loyal employees, many of whom had joined directly from school. The reins were taken up by Douglas Pope, who had been Syd’s trusty deputy since joining in 1970. Doug passed the mantle over to Michael Quinn in 2014, who having joined in 1986, had worked his way up through the company, being made a Director on 1st April 1996. Sadly some tough decisions had to be faced and ultimately the requirements of running a main dealership in a mews in central London rendered the ongoing situation no longer workable. At the time of its closure in 2016 the firm enjoyed a combined tally of over 300 years’ experience looking after and cherishing Jaguar cars.


Pictures courtesy of Quinn-Lyons Ltd

Quinn Lyons Ltd